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Department Safety Coordinator (DSC)

Department Safety Coordinators (DSCs) serve as the focal point for administering Integrated Safety and Environmental Management (ISEM) activities within a department with assistance, direction, and training provided from EH&S. All departments will have one DSC, and an alternate DSC (for redundancy in emergency scenarios). Laboratory departments may choose to combine duties of the DSC with the existing Laboratory Safety Officer depending on workload, expertise, or other practical considerations.

Who is my DSC?

View the DSC Registration List to identify the individual who can help you with safety in your department.


  1. Existing full-time, career employee familiar with department operations who has management support and cooperation for necessary activities, including time and resources.
  2. Appreciation for safety, injury/illness prevention, and an understanding of how it is integrated into the department’s mission.
  3. Team-oriented, with a familiarity of personnel, facilities, equipment, utilities, and the activities of teaching, research, and/or support.

What does a DSC do?

  • Completes Department Safety Coordinator training.
  • Distributes 12 months of Safety & Wellness handouts.
  • Coordinates department safety and environmental compliance efforts based on the Injury/Illness Prevention Program.
  • Maintains and provides environmental and safety regulatory information and coordinates requests for additional information or consultation with EH&S.
  • Assists department in evaluating program’s effectiveness, including utilizing tools and systems as provided by EH&S. 
  • Routinely advises and briefs Department Manager/Chair and Business Officer on injury/illness prevention efforts and status of loss prevention in worker’s compensation and property losses. 
  • Coordinates the maintenance of departmental emergency preparedness, disaster recovery operations, and development of Department Emergency Plan (DEP).
  • IIPP Checklists:

Department Information  
Report of Unsafe Condition or Hazard (IIPP Form I)  
Safety Training Attendance Documentation (IIPP Form II)  
IIPP Training Documentation (IIPP Form III) 
Hazard Correction Report (IIPP Form IV) 
Safety Committee Meeting Documentation (IIPP Form V)


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