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Chemical Inventory System (CIS)

Chemical Inventory System (CIS) Users

For labs still using the Chemical Inventory System (CIS), links to the database and directions on how to use the inventory system can be found below.

  1. Conduct a physical inventory

    Identify all of the hazardous chemical containers you have in storage. Check to make sure you know the: chemical name, amount and unit of measure, container type, manufacturer (e.g. acetone, 1 gallon, glass bottle, Aldrich), and exact location (building/room). DO NOT REPORT: radioactive materials, biological materials (or etiological agents), or controlled substances; those are maintained in separate tracking systems.
  2. Update the Chemical Inventory online

    Login to the Chemical Inventory system to view, or update, the database of chemicals we have on file for you. Owners must declare their inventory status even if there are zero chemicals in stock when the inventory is conducted. You must update the online chemical inventory database annually, or if you: (1) move to a new location, (2) acquire a new hazardous chemical, or (3) change your inventory volumes greater than 10%.
  3. Complete the Chemical Inventory Confirmation

    Owners must complete the Chemical Inventory Confirmation form whenever the chemical inventory is updated.
    NOTE: The form should also be completed if, at anytime, a lab owner exceeds thresholds for Department of Homeland Security 
    Chemicals of Interest (6 CFR 27, Appendix A).  

  1. Go to http://ehs.ucop.edu/cis
  2. Select "University of California, Riverside" and click on "Next"
  3. Login with your UCR NetID and password
  4. Update locations
    • Click on the "Locations" tab
    • TO ADD: Click "Add Locations" to setup a new location
    • TO REMOVE: Click "Remove Location" for any rooms with no chemicals
  5. Update chemicals
    • Click on the "Chemicals" tab
    • TO ADD: Search fo the chemical and click on the arrow icon
    • TO REMOVE: Check the box next to chemicals and click on "Delete"

For more information, contact the EH&S Chemical Inventory Specialist via email or at (951) 827-5874.

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