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In order to make the transition from CIS to UC Chemicals easier, EH&S is currently offering to set up UC Chemicals and do the initial inventory for any labs that are interested in switching over. Please contact the EH&S Chemical Inventory Specialist via email or at (951) 827-5874 if you'd like to have EH&S to do your inventory for you.

UC Chemicals Overview

UC Risk and Safety Solutions has developed a new chemical inventory tracking system, called UC Chemicals. This system is designed to produce a more accurate inventory while reducing the administrative burden of inventory management. UC Chemicals works by assigning a unique barcode that can be read by mobile phones, tablets, or barcode scanners to each container, and associating that barcode with a chemical database maintained by UCOP.

For initial inventories, please include your PI's name (if lab staff/student). Our inventory team can process ~250 containers (manufacturer labeled, >5g) in each morning or afternoon session, so please book additional times for larger inventories.

  1. More detailed, accurate tracking of containers

    Each container of hazardous chemicals has a unique barcode that can be scanned by a mobile phone, tablet, or barcode scanner to identify it, provide relevant container information, and link it to a specific location in the laboratory. Containers can be flagged with expiration dates, user notes, location information (down to a specific shelf), and much more. In addition, the application will warn users when chemical containers are expired, stored improperly, or missing important information.
  2. Supported by a comprehensive UCOP database

    Searching for a chemical by name or CAS number brings up an entry in the database that provides hazard information, chemical information, and synonyms. In addition to speeding up entry, this prevents misspellings, duplicate entries, and allows access to important information on the go.
  3. Grants instant access to a searchable inventory

    The mobile application for UC Chemicals allows members of each laboratory to view their inventory, add containers, and remove containers. The inventory is searchable by name, synonym, CAS number, and even chemical formula. 

UC Chemicals is supported by two complementary platforms: a desktop (Web) interface and a mobile application


  1. Access the UC Chemicals desktop interface to search, manage, or reconcile the inventory at ehs.ucop.edu/chemicals/.
  2. Login with your UCR NetID and password
  3. Search Inventory
    • Click on the "Search Chemicals" button
    • Limit search by selecting a location or typing a query in the search box
    • Click on the chemical name to see a list of containers in your lab and relevant chemical information
  4. Manage Lab
    • Click on the "Manage Lab" button
    • SUBLOCATIONS: Click  to add a new sublocation, or  to edit an existing sublocation
    • RECONCILIATION: Check out a barcode scanner from EH&S and click "Reconcile Your Lab"



  1. Install the free UC Chemicals application on a mobile phone or tablet from either Google Play or the Apple Store
  2. Login with your UCR NetID and password
  3. Search Inventory
    • Click on the "Search" button
    • Limit search by selecting a location, or typing a query in the search box
  4. Add Chemicals
    • Click on the "Add" button 
    • Type in the CAS number or chemical name and select the correct entry
    • Click  to add a new container by entering required information (location, container size, physical state, and container type)
    • Add a  sticker to the container (if you don't have stickers, you can request them from EH&S), then under "Container" click "+ Scan" and use the device camera to scan the sticker
    • Click "Save" to add the container to your inventory
  5. Remove Chemicals
    • Click the "Scan" button 
    • Scan the container barcode, then click "Remove Container" and "Yes I'm Sure"

For more detailed information, please see the UC Chemicals - Getting Started and FAQ or contact the EH&S Chemical Inventory Specialist via email or at (951) 827-5874.

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