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  UC Radiation to Launch January 17th, 2017
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UC Radiation Factsheet
User Guides                           
Application Overview
Using Radiation
Entering Your Initial Inventory
Disposing of Radioactive Waste
Video Tutorials         
You can view all of the tutorails for Radiation in one eCourse available in the UC Learning Center.
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Each tutorial video is viewable individually
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UC Radiation is part of the UC Safety Suite and is integrated with WASTe, the hazardous waste system, and LHAT, the laboratory hazard assessment tool. Watch a brief introductory video for more information, or email the Radiation Safety Officer or Radiation Safety Specialist.

About the Radiation Safety Program

Radiation safety is responsible for ensuring that all users of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation are in compliance with existing regulatory requirements, such that any resultant radioactive exposures are as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA). The program provides the means necessary for personnel to protect themselves, their co-workers, the general public, and the environment from detrimental effects of radiation materials and machines. These objectives are accomplished through day-to-day oversight; continuous accountabiilty of materials, machines, and devices; training; laboratory waste processing; and personal dosimetry.   All radioactive materials used in the State of California must be licensed by the State of California. Under the conditions of the broadscope  license, the State of California has granted authority to the University of California Riverside Radiation Safety Committee to authorize the use of radioactive materials at any of its facilities.  All radiation producing equipment  must be registered by the State of California.  The Radiation Safety Committee authorizes the use of all radiation producing equipment.     The Radioactive Material Broadscope License and Radiation Producing Equipment Registration are on file in the EH&S Office.

Each year a report is published indicating the campus' compliance with requirements of the program. The annual review for 2015  available online.

Programs and Services



Guides and Regulations

Radiation Safety: Initial
Radiation Safety: Refresher
X-Ray Safety
Hazardous Waste Management

For more information
Refer to the Training
Schedule of Classes

*Radiation Safety initial training should be taken only if you are using radioactive materials or sealed sources.  If you are using a radiation producing machine, please take on-line x-ray safety training

Dosimeter / Badge request Form
Radioactive Waste Pickup Form

Application for User of Radioative Materials and Radiation Producing Machines  (Also Available as a Microsoft Word document)

Preganancy Declaration Form

Lost Radiation Badge Form

Radiation Safety Manual
Radiation Producing Machine Manual

Radiation Worker Guide

NRC Regulatory Guide 8.13 Instruction Concerning Prenatal Radiation Exposure
NRC Regulatory Guide 8.29
Instruction Concerning Risks from Occupational Radiation Exposure

  • Radiation Control Regulations
      17 CCR,  Chapter 5
    State of California  are available upon request.  Please contact EH&S



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