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Illicit Activities

Illicit Activities

Per 21 CFR 1301.91, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) requires that an employee who has knowledge of drug diversion from the University by a fellow employee has an obligation to report such information. Any member of the University community who suspects another member of such illicit activities should follow campus or laboratory reporting policy. You can confidentially report illicit activities and repercussions (anonymously if you wish) using the Hazard Report form. The University shall treat such information as confidential and shall take reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of the information and the identity of the employee furnishing the information. A failure to report information of drug diversion will be considered in determining the feasibility of continuing to allow an employee to work in a drug security area.


The University complies with federal and state law which makes it a criminal activity for employees to illegally possess, sell, use, or divert controlled substances. In addition, these individuals shall also immediately become the subject of independent action regarding their continued employment. the University will assess the seriousness of the individual's violation, the position of responsbility held, past record of employment, etc., in determining whether to suspend, transfer, terminate, or take other action against such individuals.

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