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Latest updates from campus on COVID-19

March 25, 2020: Message to Students re. Spring Quarter
Update on tuition and fees, faculty and teaching assistants, laboratories, instructional quality, housing, and financial aid.

March 24, 2020: CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Loaner Device Program Available for Students in Need
Students, If you do not have off-campus access to a device and/or internet that supports remote teaching and learning – such as a laptop, desktop, or tablet – we request that you take time now to fill out this survey.

March 20, 2020: Interim Guidance: Delivery Location of University Goods
Information about campus procedures for requesting delivery of University goods to a non-University location.
March 19, 2020: Governor's Stay at Home Order
Governor Gavin Newsom issued an order that is consistent with the measures UCR has recently taken. 
March 19, 2020: IT Clarification on Remote Work Options
Additional detail on setting up a remote desktop connection from home.
March 18, 2020: Campus Closure Extended to April 30
The Riverside County Public Health Officer has issued a revised public health order, extending the physical closure of the UC Riverside campus for all but the most critical university functions. The closure was originally scheduled to end on April 3, and has now been extended to April 30.
March 18, 2020: Update -- Paid Administrative Leave Guidance and Tracking
The university has modified paid administrative leave policies.
March 17, 2020: Research curtailed
Provost and Vice Chancellor of Research directed that we will strictly curtail on-campus research activities to those that cannot be postponed or restarted; and prepare for a possible complete shutdown of research on campus.
March 16, 2020: Employee paid leave modified
President Napolitano issues Executive Order modifying guidance issued 03/09/20. All employees receive allotment of up to 128 hours of paid administrative leave.
March 16, 2020Instructional Technology update
Instructional Technology Taskforce described availability of computer labs, laptop kiosks, internet service, and iLearn for final exams and remote learning.
March 15, 2020Campus closure - Building access 
All in-person, non-essential gatherings on campus are suspended, until further notice. Essential personnel to be identified.
March 15, 2020: Student support 
Student Affairs confirms student housing and meal plans will continue, identifies services that will remain available to support students, urges refrain from personal non-essential travel. R'Pantry offers limited gift cards. Families advised not to make arrangements for commencement. 
March 14, 2020: Campus closure 
Chancellor announced campus is closed, except for critical operations. Students to receive all instruction remotely for entirety of Spring 2020.  Staff to work remotely. All non-essential domestic and international travel is suspended. 
March 14, 2020: Campus closure effective March 16, 2020 
Provost and CFO announced all offices, units, or departments will not have staff on campus unless they are essential personnel, and many staff may be working remotely.

March 13, 2020: Riverside County Public Health Order 
Riverside County issues public health order to close all schools, including universities. Housing remains open, remote work staffing and instruction to commence.
March 13, 2020: A message from Chancellor Wilcox 
Chancellor sends video reiterating hygiene and safety, thanks community.

March 12, 2020: Employee guidelines 
Chancellor and Provost announce remote work effective immediately, prior approval required before closing departments, and UCR guidance related to telecommuting and 14 day paid administrative leave.
March 12, 2020: Student resources 
Student Affairs answers questions about key student services.
March 12, 2020: School of Medicine  
remains open and provides updates to academic continuity, UCR Health, SOM operations, events. No cases at UCR.
March 11, 2020: Athletics official statement 
Athletics announces precautionary measures taken. Only essential personnel permitted. No fans to attend events.

March 11, 2020Researcher Guidance 
Office of Research reiterates we are not suspending research activities, outlines immediate measures to be taken by laboratory and research facilities. Longer term planning considerations shared.
March 11, 2020: Campus remains open but classes and finals switch to online 
Information shared about student housing and quarantines, faculty and staff working, research to continue, travel discouraged, large events discouraged, cleaning protocols, ombuds office, and zoom use.
March 11, 2020: Hotline for faculty and staff 
UCR Health creates health hotline for faculty and staff.
March 10, 2020: Academic continuity plan and campus operations changes
Chancellor and Provost issue academic continuity and campus operations changes. Winter finals online, Spring courses fully online through 04/03/20. Gatherings restricted. Social distancing and hygiene encouraged. No cases at UCR. 
March 9, 2020: Employee paid leave granted  
UCOP enacts temporary emergency actions regarding paid leave and remote work. Employees were granted 14 days of paid administrative leave if they are unable to work due to Coronavirus related reasons.
March 8, 2020: Campus remains open but shifts towards remote work and learning  
Chancellor and Provost announce campus to remain open and operational, requested we take steps to shift to working, teaching, and learning remotely in near future. Travel considerations and emphasis on health and wellness placed. Riverside County confirms one case. No cases at UCR.
March 6, 2020: Travel interim policy
Chancellor and Provost institute interim policy and provide guidance for all international and domestic travel.
March 5, 2020: Continuity planning for instructors
Chancellor, Provost, VP Academic Personnel asks instructors to develop continuity plans for Winter and Spring 2020. Requires deans, department chairs, and directors to take action ensuring instructional continuity for students
March 5, 2020: Travel to Level 2 and 3 countries (updated) 
President Napolitano limits non-essential travel to CDC Level 2 countries in addition to Level 3.. Grants emergency powers to Management Response Team.
March 3, 2020: UCR response to Coronavirus (update) 
Chancellor and Provost share UCR response, recommended precautions, resources available to community. No cases at UCR. 
February 28, 2020: CDC Issues Level 3 travel warning 
Avoid non-essential travel to Iran, Italy, South Korea
February 27, 2020: Employee guidance  
UCOP provides guidance for all UC locations
February 26, 2020: Travel to Level 3 countries
President Napolitano limits non-essential travel to CDC Level 3 countries, urges travel registration. 
February 4, 2020: UCR response to Coronavirus
Chancellor and Provost share UCR response, urges travel registration, requests respectful and appropriate treatment. No cases at UCR.
February 3, 2020: Guidance for travel to China 
Provost and CFO issue review and approval process for travel to China.
January 30, 2020: Travel to China 
President Napolitano limits non-essential travel to China.
January 29, 2020: Travel restrictions for UCR Personnel 
Guidance for travel in response to CDC travel advisories.
January 28, 2020: Campus remains open 
Student Health Center says UCR is monitoring situation. Normal operations. No cases at UCR. Refer to information on EH&S website.
January 22, 2020: Coronavirus advisory 
Student Health Center provides advisory about Coronavirus.



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