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COVID-19 Work Site Specific Prevention Plan

Who must complete this plan?

The state requires that each department with employees working on campus for any length of time (even occasional visits) must complete this plan prior to returning to campus.  This requirement will be in place until all pandemic restrictions have been removed.  This plan template must be used when applying to return to campus for work, either as an individual department, research lab, or campus unit. Units and individual departments who continued to work on campus as essential personnel during the pandemic must also submit a plan and receive proper approvals. Please consult with the Operations and Support Recovery Workgroup before preparing plans or for additional guidance.

Create a new plan

To Update Existing Plan

  1. Retrieve and review existing plan.
  2. Make adjustments as appropriate.
  3. Review the plan with new personnel and ensure all questions and concerns are addressed.
  4. Have new personnel acknowledge the plan by signing and dating
  5. Return updated plan to ehspublichealth@ucr.edu

Approval Types

Work Environment Type Plan Owner develops the plan (Step 1) Routing and Approval (Step 2) Required Additional Reviewer* may be routed to others as appropriate (Step 3) Final Review Workgroup (Step 4)
Research/Lab Facility Principal Investigator or Lead Faculty Department Chair and Dean Operations and Support Recovery Workgroup None
Research Centers/Core Facilities Center Director Dean or VCRED Operations and Support Recovery Workgroup None
Indoor Instructional Space (classroom, lab, studio, conference room, etc.) managed by the Registrar or a department

General Assignment Space: Registrar (lead) and Department Chair

Departmental Space: Department Chair

General Assignment Space: Provost

Departmental Space: Dean

Operations and Support Recovery Workgroup None
Office Space - few visitors or less than 25 % return of employees or occasional return only

Staff Office: Supervisor

Faculty Office: Department Chair

Staff Office: Department Head, Dean or VC

Faculty Office: Dean

Operations and Support Recovery Workgroup None

All other work environment types managed by UCR

*Note some units must abide by specific CDPH guidelines that are beyond the scope of this template. Those units must address all additional requirements. Those units are advised to contact EH&S for consultation prior to submitting their plan including: Athletics, Dining Services, Library, Housing, Recreation Center, Early Childhood Services, Bookstore, Swimming Pools and Spas

Supervisor Department Head, Dean or VC Operations and Support Recovery Workgroup Public Health
Non-UCR owned or managed locations such as field stations. Complete or demonstrate equivalency from host location. Supervisor Department Head, Dean or VC Copy of host location worksite specific plan must be provided to Operations and Support Recovery Workgroup None

COVID-19 Work Site Specific Plan Review Process



What steps do I follow? 

The Plan Owner (supervisor/PI) must submit a return to campus plan to their respective Dean, VC or unit head for review and acknowledgement. A copy of the plan must be routed to the Operations Workgroup for review for consistency with state and campus requirements. The plan document must include the required risk assessment and physical space assessment. The Operations Workgroup will advise on any missing or incomplete submissions and work with the Plan Owner to ensure that all elements of the plan can be executed safely.


  1. PLAN OWNER: Plan Owner (Principal Investigator, Department Head) is responsible for completing this plan for their work area and routing it as indicated above for initial approval to return to campus.  Plan Owner must ensure all employees have familiarized themselves with this plan. Plan Owner must ensure that all employees follow the plan as it is outlined. Refusal to follow the plan will be addressed through performance management processes with Human Resources. 

Obtain approval.  Approval of each Plan must be obtained by the Authorized Official (Dean, Vice Chancellor, or designee).  The Plan must be approved before employees are allowed to return to campus.  Some essential departments have continued work on campus or return plans were approved under a prior process.  Those plans will be reviewed, and departments may be asked to complete additional items to ensure compliance with the current requirements.

Post the Plan.  Approved plans must be posted in a public area assigned to the department.

Implement the Plan.  Take action on the items outlined in the Plan. All Plan Owners will be responsible for conducting periodic compliance monitoring measures such as spot checks of approved spaces to ensure that practices are compliant with the guidelines laid out in this safety plan.

Update the Plan.  Regularly assess for compliance.  The Plan documents should be updated when requirements or circumstances change.  Any updates to the Plan must be approved by the Authorizing Official.

  1. UNITS HEADS: All Unit Heads (VCs, Deans, Chairs) must review the plans when they are received, assess the need to return to campus and ensure the plans are complete and meet the COVID-19 prevention plan requirements. Units heads must also be prepared to address compliance issues associated with not following approved plans.
  1. EMPLOYESS: All employees must sign and date this plan.  Electronic signature is acceptable.

Employees must familiarize themselves with this plan and routinely follow the COVID-19 prevention plan procedures.

  1. OPERATIONS WORKGROUP is responsible for providing consultation and verifying the completeness of plans as they are received. The workgroup is also responsible for collecting copies of each plan and distributing the plan to additional review groups or departments including but not limited to Facilities Services, HR, Compliance and the Registrar's office. EH&S may also conduct spot checks of spaces. The operations group is responsible for centrally tracking all plans for the campus. For questions and concerns related to the completion of the Plan, please contact the Operations and Support Recovery Workgroup.

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Worksite Specific Plan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Requirement: Each department/Supervisor with employees working on campus for any length of time (even occasional visits) must complete this plan prior to returning to campus.

  1. What is the Worksite Specific Plan?
    The Worksite Specific Plan is a document based on comprehensive risk assessment of the worksite and supervisors must outline how they will implement coronavirus prevention in accordance to the CDPH/CalOSHA Institutions of Higher Education guidance.
  2. Is what was submitted in June/July for all research ramp up sufficient or do we need to have the PIs now fill out the new forms?
    The Research Ramp Up plans met the requirements of the campus at that time. However, the Worksite Specific Plan must be completed as soon as possible. Any updates to the plan will require new signatures.
  3. I would like to get approval to return to campus to conduct research. Do I need to complete both the Research Ramp Up Agreement and the Worksite Specific Plan?
    No. The Worksite Specific Plan provides a comprehensive risk assessment of the worksite and outlines how supervisors will implement coronavirus prevention.
  4. Are electronic signatures allowed?
    Yes, electronic signatures will suffice.
  5. Who needs to sign the plan?
    Complete plans and documents must include signatures from all personnel including students, graduate students, post docs, staff, visitors, etc.
  6. I don't know the square footage of the room. Where can I find that information?
    Room information can be provided by Sharyl Murdock. 
  7. Do I need to complete the Worksite Specific Plan if I am working remotely at home and don't anticipate to return to campus?
    No. Since you are not physically coming to campus, you do not need to complete the worksite specific plan at this time. Prior to you returning to campus, you will need to complete all the items in the Return to Work protocols
  8. I manage a core facility and I have my own lab. Do I need to submit separate plans?
    Yes. Core facilities will need to develop their own plan for their workers in the workspace. The core directors must also ensure that other users (those that are not under their direct chain of command) are aware of the core director's worksite specific assessment/mitigation measures.
  9. What other requirements do I need to do with the completed and signed plan?
    Completed and signed plans should be posted in the labs.
  10. Who can I contact if I need help completing the Worksite Specific Plan?
    Please contact the Operations and Support Recovery Workgroup.
  11. Is this only for research activities?
    No, any workers returning to campus must complete the plan. It is the supervisor's responsibility to complete the plan and have all employees review and acknowledge.