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Emergency Warning Siren

Intended to provide notification to individuals in the outdoor spaces of UCR, the Emergency Warning Siren is an audible safety communication link that will be used to warn the University of California Riverside community of emergency conditions on campus. It is a signal that response actions should be taken so that you may secure yourself and seek additional campus provided information relating to the incident.

  1. What should I do when I hear the siren?

  2. Should I call 911 when I hear the siren?

  3. Should I evacuate my building if I hear the siren?

  4. Where can I get more information during an emergency?

  5. When will the siren be used?

  6. Will the siren be tested?

  7. Where is the siren located?


What should I do when I hear the siren?
TAKE ACTION to protect yourself
Go inside your office or residence, a nearby building, or your car and shelter inside to avoid exposure. If driving a car, safely pull over to the side of the road, turn off the engine and stay tuned.
TAKE COVER to prevent exposure to the incident
Shut all doors and windows. Building managers should turn off ventilation systems, if feasible.
TAKE NOTICE and pay attention
Obtain campus emergency information

Should I call 911 when I hear the siren?

if you hear the warning siren

Dial 911 only if you have a life threatening emergency.

Should I evacuate my building if I hear the siren?

No, just the opposite.  You should stay where you are, remain sheltered and protected, and seek additional information regarding the siren notification from the Campus Status website, emergency information line, or campus radio station.

Where can I get more information during an emergency?

Access one the following information venues to obtain campus emergency information such as disaster type, evacuation routes, shelter and aid locations, special instructions, etc.: 

Campus Status Website
This Web presence is reachable anytime, from anywhere. Like the 800 service, information concerning the emergency will be posted here and will be updated as the situation and conditions evolve.

Emergency Information Line
1-888-UCR-WARN (827-9276)
This number allows access to a recorded message by any standard, cell or pay phone, free of toll charges. Information concerning the emergency is recorded as an outgoing message, and is updated as the situation evolves. 

Campus Radio Station
KUCR 88.3 FM
The campus radio station will be utilized to disseminate emergency information during critical incidents and disasters. KUCR normally broadcasts 24 hours every day with live programming. Local stations KXFG (92.9 FM), KTDD (1350 AM), and KLYY (97.5 – Spanish Language) also carry Inland Empire area emergency information.

 When will the siren be used?

While the siren will not be used in during every emergency incident, it will be used to notify campus personnel of emergency conditions resulting from man made, natural, or technical hazards such as:


  • Chemical spills
  • Flooding
  • Fires
  • Violence on campus
  • Storms
  • Power outages
  • Transportation incidents
  • Other public safety incidents.


Will UCR test the Emergency Warning Siren? 

Yes. The Emergency Warning Siren will be tested on a regularly scheduled basis. 

Where is the siren located?

UCR has strategically located the Emergency Warning Siren in the central area of campus in order to provide the greatest amount of coverage to the main campus and adjacent campus facilities. Depending on the nature of the incident, the siren will be deployed in conjunction with other information systems such as the Emergency Notification System (text message), campusstatus.ucr.edu, voicemail, KUCR, and others.

By their nature, disasters are volatile and erratic so we all have to be prepared for emergencies in a variety of locations; at home, at work, at school, or in our cars. Take the time to take stock of the places where you spend your time and what it will take to be prepared for an emergency in those places or at any given location and time. The ability to aquire emergency information during a disaster is vital to taking appropriate action before, during, and after an emergency so consider keeping a battery operated multiband radio and extra batteries on hand at home, in your car, and in your office.
For more information, visit the Emergency Management program website. 


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