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The Laboratory Safety Officers Committee fulfills the Chemical Hygiene Officer requirements of the Cal/OSHA Laboratory Standard.   You need a Laboratory Safety Officer if you have a laboratory or technical area that uses or stores hazardous material(chemical or physical agents that have been generally accepted as a health or physical hazard).  Examples of these areas include research and teaching laboratories, QA/QC and analytical laboratories, stock rooms, storage rooms, waste areas, cold rooms, machine shops, vivaria, and visual/performing arts studios.


The Laboratory Safety Officers Committee consists of representatives from each of the departments that have laboratory research or teaching. A current list of the Laboratory Safety Officers for each department is available on the Chemical Hygiene Plan webpage.


The Laboratory Safety Officers are expected to...

  1. Assist with issues involving biosafety, radiation, lasers, chemicals, and other hazardous materials or procedures.
  2. Assist EH&S in communicating relevant issues to the department, including training and waste management requirements.
  3. Assist departments and EH&S in the investigation of issues including accidents.
  4. Assist with development and update of relevant departmental documents(Chemical Hygiene Plan, Department Emergency Plan).
  5. Support compliance with laboratory safety rules and provide support for laboratory audits.
  6. Attend Laboratory Safety Officers  Committee  meeting held every other month.

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