Environmental Health & Safety

Nanomaterials in Academic Research

Best practices, Standards, and Guidelines
to using engineered nanomaterials


Working Safely with Engineered Nanomaterials
in Academic Research Settings

California Nanosafety Consortium
of Higher Education

Acknowledgement | Preface

Nanotoolkit (PDF)

Using the Nanotoolkit

What is the Nanotoolkit?
How to Use

Overview of Nanomaterials

Types of Nanomaterials
Occupational Health and Safety Concerns
Exposure Limits

Planning your research

Gather information
Determine potential risks
Develop an SOP
Obtain Training and Consultation / Approval

Conducting your research

Minimize exposures
     Engineering controls
     Administrative Controls
     Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Respond to exposures and spills
Dispose properly

Quick guide

Step 1. Determine your risk level
Step 2. Identify the controls needed
Step 3. Develop a SOP


Appendix A. SOP Template
Appendix B. SOP Sample
Appendix C. Additional Information
Appendix D. Reference


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