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UC Regents Agreement

UC Regents Agreement


On December 29, 2008, UCLA research associate Sheherbano (Sheri) Sangji was in the process of transferring a highly flammable chemical agent (tert-butyllithium, a pyrophoric chemical that ignites when exposed to the atmosphere). While conducting the transfer, the pyrophoric agent spilled onto her hands, arms, and torso; and ignited. Sangji was not wearing a laboratory coat, and suffered burns. She died from injuries on January 16, 2009.


The Los Angeles District Attorney filed a complaint alleging three felony violations against the Regents of the University of California ("UC Regents"). On July 27, 2012 the UC Regents Agreement was signed, accepting responsibility. The terms of the settlement apply to any laboratory facilities within the departments of Biochemistry and Chemistry. 


The following was derived from the UC Regents agreement.

Supervisors / Principal Investigators

Complete the self-certification of Laboratory Safety by completing the Laboratory Safety Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT).

  1. Complete Laboratory Safety training
  2. Ensure Laboratory Personnel complete Laboratory Safety training
Policies and
  1. Ensure the Laboratory Safety Manual is in a visible location (and includes the Chemical Hygiene Plan and SOPs)
  2. Develop and approve Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for any chemical on the Chemical Classification List [HTML | Excel]
  3. Ensure SOPs have been reviewed by Qualified Personnel.
  4. Sign SOPs (and ensure Laboratory Personnel sign SOPs)
  5. Maintain SOPs in the Laboratory Safety Manual (if applicable, this includes safe use of pyrophoric liquids) [Word]
Personal Protective
Equipment (PPE)
  1. Complete a Hazard Assessment using the Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool
  2. Ensure PPE is being: A) Worn by all who occupy the laboratory area, and B) Decontaminated before leaving the laboratory (if in contact with hazardous materials) 
Injuries / Illnesses
  1. Report any (recordable) injuries / illnesses to EH&S

Laboratory Personnel

  1. Complete Laboratory Safety training 
Policies and
  1. Sign SOPs
Personal Protective
Equipment (PPE)
  1. Wear appropriate PPE while occupying the laboratory area and Decontaminate clothing (in contact with hazardous materials) before leaving the laboratory
Injuries / Illnesses
  1. Report all injuries / illnesses to Supervisor / Principal Investigator (PI) 




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January 8, 2016

Supervisors / PIs due date to complete Self-Certification.

January 15,2016

EH&S Director due date to certify review of Self-Certifications under penalty of perjury that the campus is in substantial compliance.(6th submission)

July 8, 2016

Supervisors / PIs due date to complete Self-Certification.

July 15, 2016

EH&S Director due date to certify review of Self-Certifications under penalty of perjury that the campus is in substantial compliance.


Supervisors / PI Responsibilities checklist
Compliance Checklist

Chief Campus Counsel, David Bergquist
Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs, Aimee Dorr
Chief Risk Officer, Grace Crickette
Vice Chancellor Business and Administrative Services (Interim) and CIO, Chuck Rowley

Laboratory Safety Manual
and other resources

The Laboratory Safety Manual is intended to be the cornerstone of your safety program and is designed to aid faculty, staff, and students to better manage the risk and mitigate the hazard to maintain a safe environment to teach and conduct research. Each laboratory using hazardous materials is required to have a copy of this manual readily available to all laboratory personnel. Each laboratory worker must be familiar with the contents of the manual and the procedures for obtaining additional safety information needed to perform their duties safely.

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