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Laboratory Safety Manual

Laboratory Safety Manual

The UCR Laboratory Safety Manual, mandated by the UC Regents Agreement, is a collection of resources for individuals working in research and teaching laboratories. It includes safe work procedures, chemical safety information, laboratory equipment safety information and links to other resources, both from UCR and other institutions. It is a web-based living document, with new items being added or revisions taking place at any time. This manual supplements your departmental Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP). Please review your departmental plan to familiarize yourself with the laboratory safety program in your department.


Laboratory Safety Manual (for UCR)       Physical Hazards Guide(for UCR)
Laboratory Safety Manual (for Chemistry)
Laboratory Safety Manual (for Biochemistry)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Injury & Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP)
  3. Chemical Hygiene Plan
  4. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  5. Training Records 
    1. Laboratory Safety Orientation  
    2. Laboratory-Specific training
      NOTE: It is strongly recommended these records be maintained in this manual. However, they can be kept in any location which is accessible to an auditor.
  6. Hazard Assessment
    PPE Assessment Certification
  7. Resources and References
    Physical Hazards Guide

Additional Resources

Americal Chemical Society, Comittee on Chemical Safety released the final report on: Creating Safety Cultures in Academic Institutions: A Report of the Safety Culture Task Force of the ACS Committee on Chemical Safety

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