All UCR students, faculty, staff, and affiliates must obtain a Temporary Food Permit whenever food or beverage is distributed or sold to the public on campus. We regulate the food or beverage given out or sold at community events on campus to protect health, prevent disease, and promote healthy practices among the public. Please note: Apply for a Food Permit at least 7 Business Days in advance.

For assistance, please contact Environmental Health & Safety (951) 827-5528


The requirement to obtain a Temporary Food Permit applies to any organization (including UCR registered clubs, organizations, non-university individuals/organizations, etc.), hosting a campus event where food or beverage is offered to the public either free or for purchase. This requirement does not apply to a campus office, department, or service unit hosting an intra-departmental event within its own facilities (i.e., staff meeting, intra-departmental birthday celebration, etc.) and a campus student organization hosting an event within their own personal residence where only members will attend.




UCR Online Food Safety Training

All individuals handling food (preparation, cooking, and/or serving) must complete the training prior to submitting a food permit request application. The individual(s) must be present during the entire time that food or beverage is prepared, served, and/or sold. We recommend that you have more than one person trained from your group. For organizations serving:

  • Hot food: At least 3 people and everyone who is preparing or handling food must be trained
  • Cold food: At least 2 people and everyone who is handling food must be trained

Training completed in the last 24 months will be accepted.

Students: If you have never used the UCR Learning Center before, you may need to create an Affiliate account with the UC Learning Center to access the training. If you have trouble accessing the UCR Learning Center, please visit email for assistance.


Temporary Food Permits are good for one day only.

Approved Food Sources

All food/drink sold or distributed on campus must be pre-approved by the Procurement Department. For more information, contact Matthew Burke at (951) 827-3095.

Catered Events

Submit a Contracting Out request via  Human Resources Management System Contract Out module prior to submitting a food permit request. Contact our Department SAA to request access. Student organization groups should contact their student organization advisor. 

Fees and Use

There are currently no fees for the Food Permits for campus organizations.

Food Permit Request

Apply for a Food Permit at least 7 business days in advance.

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For assistance, please contact Environmental Health & Safety (951) 827-5528