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Pesticide Safety for Fieldworkers training

Introduction to protective measures to take from pesticide hazards in the workplace. Topics include: Decontamination, Restricted-Early Intervals (REI), Pesticides and Residues, Routes of Exposure, Health Hazards, Signs and Symptoms, First Aid and Emergencies, (Avoid) Exposure at home, Hazard Communication, and Rights and Responsibilities. This course covers Cal/OSHA regulations (Reference: 8 CCR 6764). This Worker Protection Standard (WPS) training for fieldworkers was developed by the UC Statewide Integrated Pest Management program.

CO-REQUISITE: This course does not qualify you to work with hazardous chemicals. You must complete additional training in Hazard Communication (non-laboratory personnel) or Chemical Hygiene (laboratory personnel) to work with those substances.

Copyright: 2013     Length: 35 min

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Worker verification (blue card)

After completing training you will be eligible to receive a Worker Verification Card (blue card). Please email your request to receive a blue card to ehstraining@ucr.edu. When it's available you'll be contacted to pick up your card (approximately 2 business days). Due to documentation requirements this must be done in-person by the individual receiving the card.

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