Face coverings are highly recommended for those up to date on vaccinations and required for those not up to date on vaccinations
in indoor spaces on campus and in university owned or operated venues.  

Staff/Faculty may request a face covering from EH&S. Students may request a face covering from The Well.

EH&S Staff Directory 


EHS Staff Photo


Bosgraaf, Gary Assistant Director, Radiation Safety and Hazardous Materials gary.bosgraaf@ucr.edu (951) 827-5748
Carter, Ondra Radiation Safety Specialist ondra.carter@ucr.edu (951) 827-5529
Davis Russell, Heather Assistant Training Manager / Instructional Designer heather.davis@ucr.edu (951) 827-7519
Day, Nancy Administrative Professional nancy.day@ucr.edu (951) 827-5528
De La Rosa Ducut, Janette

Risk & Safety Training

janette.ducut@ucr.edu (951) 827-6303
Espinoza, Jason Director, Emergency Management jason.espinoza@ucr.edu (951) 827-2455
Fahr, Ingrid Director,
Risk Management
ingrid.fahr@ucr.edu (951) 827-8224
Grey, Amanda Environmental Programs Manager amanda.grey@ucr.edu (951) 827-2416
Greenawalt, Cassandra Sr. Training Manager cassandra.greenawalt@ucr.edu (951) 827-7518
Hedayati, Sheila Executive Director, Environmental Health and Safety sheila.hedayati@ucr.edu (951) 827-4378
Hill, Karla

Occupational Health

karla.hill@ucr.edu (951) 827-4207
Kwok, Tiffany Assistant Director, Research Safety tiffany.kwok@ucr.edu (951) 827-4244
Lucas, Adam Senior Industrial Hygienist adam.lucas@ucr.edu (951) 827-5533
Monnig, Patrick

Chemical Hygiene Officer & Lab Safety Supervisor

patrick.monnig@ucr.edu (951) 827-4254
Naffah, Patrick IH/PPE Coordinator patrick.naffah@ucr.edu (951) 827-5882
Okwandu, Adanna Assistant Training Manager / Instructional Designer adanna.okwandu@ucr.edu (951) 827-7515
Phan, Tran Assistant Biosafety Officer & High Containment Lab Director tran.phan@ucr.edu (951) 827-4264
Perkins, Nicole Assistant Biosafety Officer/IBC Administrator nicole.perkins@ucr.edu (951) 827-1115
Rodriguez, Heri Asbestos and Lead Specialist heri.rodriguez@ucr.edu (951) 827-8447
Sanchez, JC Hazardous Waste Supervisor juan.c.sanchez@ucr.edu (951) 827-2648
See, Pamela Research Safety Specialist pamela.see@ucr.edu

(951) 827-5878

Simomovis, Juan Pablo Research Safety Engineer juan.simonovissantamar@ucr.edu (951) 827-1114
Stark, Tracy Safety Engineer tracy.stark@ucr.edu (951) 827-5118
Stewart, Tamara Risk Management Analyst tamara.stewart@ucr.edu (951) 827-3206
Stoner, Tom Business Continuity Planner thomas.stoner@ucr.edu (951) 827-5874
Tran, My-Linh Assistant Training Manager / Instructional Designer mylinh.tran@ucr.edu (951) 827-3309
Underwood, Travis Environmental Programs Specialist travis.underwood@ucr.edu (951) 827-5518
Watson, Richard Hazardous Waste Specialist richard.watson@ucr.edu (951) 827-4248