Effective April 11, 2022, face coverings will be strongly recommended while indoors
for those who are up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations, including any booster dose when eligible,
and will remain
required for anyone who is not up to date on vaccinations. 
Staff/Faculty may request a face covering from EH&S. Students may request a face covering from The Well.

EH&S Staff Directory 


EHS Staff Photo


Bosgraaf, Gary Assistant Director, Radiation Safety and Hazardous Materials gary.bosgraaf@ucr.edu (951) 827-5748
Carter, Ondra Radiation Safety Specialist ondra.carter@ucr.edu (951) 827-5529
Davis Russell, Heather Assistant Training Manager / Instructional Designer heather.davis@ucr.edu (951) 827-7519
Day, Nancy Administrative Professional nancy.day@ucr.edu (951) 827-5528
De La Rosa Ducut, Janette

Risk & Safety Training

janette.ducut@ucr.edu (951) 827-6303
Espinoza, Jason Director, Emergency Management jason.espinoza@ucr.edu (951) 827-2455
Fahr, Ingrid Director,
Risk Management
ingrid.fahr@ucr.edu (951) 827-8224
Grey, Amanda Environmental Programs Manager amanda.grey@ucr.edu (951) 827-2416
Greenawalt, Cassandra Sr. Training Manager cassandra.greenawalt@ucr.edu (951) 827-7518
Hedayati, Sheila Executive Director, Environmental Health and Safety sheila.hedayati@ucr.edu (951) 827-4378
Hill, Karla

Occupational Health

karla.hill@ucr.edu (951) 827-4207
Kwok, Tiffany Assistant Director, Research Safety tiffany.kwok@ucr.edu (951) 827-4244
Lucas, Adam Senior Industrial Hygienist adam.lucas@ucr.edu (951) 827-5533
Monnig, Patrick

Chemical Hygiene Officer & Lab Safety Supervisor

patrick.monnig@ucr.edu (951) 827-4254
Naffah, Patrick IH/PPE Coordinator patrick.naffah@ucr.edu (951) 827-5882
Okwandu, Adanna Assistant Training Manager / Instructional Designer adanna.okwandu@ucr.edu (951) 827-7515
Phan, Tran Assistant Biosafety Officer & High Containment Lab Director tran.phan@ucr.edu (951) 827-4264
Perkins, Nicole Assistant Biosafety Officer/IBC Administrator nicole.perkins@ucr.edu (951) 827-1115
Rodriguez, Heri Asbestos and Lead Specialist heri.rodriguez@ucr.edu (951) 827-8447
Sanchez, JC Hazardous Waste Supervisor juan.c.sanchez@ucr.edu (951) 827-2648
See, Pamela Research Safety Specialist pamela.see@ucr.edu

(951) 827-5878

Simomovis, Juan Pablo Research Safety Engineer juan.simonovissantamar@ucr.edu (951) 827-1114
Stark, Tracy Safety Engineer tracy.stark@ucr.edu (951) 827-5118
Stewart, Tamara Risk Management Analyst tamara.stewart@ucr.edu (951) 827-3206
Stoner, Tom Business Continuity Planner thomas.stoner@ucr.edu (951) 827-5874
Tran, My-Linh Assistant Training Manager / Instructional Designer mylinh.tran@ucr.edu (951) 827-3309
Underwood, Travis Environmental Programs Specialist travis.underwood@ucr.edu (951) 827-5518
Watson, Richard Hazardous Waste Specialist richard.watson@ucr.edu (951) 827-4248