Food Permit Process

Students, staff, and faculty can invite approved vendors to the UC Riverside campus to support events and initiatives through an established approval process designed to ensure the health and safety of our community.

Vendors interested in operating on the UCR campus are invited to go through an approval process to be eligible to sell food and beverages at university events, at the invitation of a campus organization.

It’s essential that anyone looking to sell food and beverages on campus understands and adheres to our guidelines to ensure a positive, healthy experience and alignment to University of California policy and state law.

This website provides detailed information on how campus organizations can invite vendors to campus events and obtain a Temporary Food Permit, and how vendors can get approved to operate on the UCR campus.

For Students

Registered student organizations (RSO) may sponsor vendors to operate on campus for events.

First Step: Student organizations review the approved vendor list.

The HUB also offers additional RSO fundraising opportunities for non-food vendors throughout the year. Please contact HUB Scheduling at for more information.

Permit Requirement

Any campus organization (including UCR registered clubs and organizations, etc.), hosting a campus event where food or beverage is offered to the public either free or for purchase is required to obtain a Temporary Food Permit, unless they contract with the university's Citrus Grove Catering. This requirement does not apply to a campus department or unit hosting an internal event within its own facilities (e.g., staff meeting, birthday celebration, etc.) or a registered student organization hosting an event that is invitation or members only.

Please apply for a permit at least 7 business days in advance of your event.

Food Permit Application

Contact information

HUB Scheduling:; 951-827-3215
Student Life:; (951) 827-7344


All UCR-affiliated individuals handling food (preparing, cooking, and/or serving) must complete the UCR Online Food Safety Training prior to submitting a food permit request application. The individual(s) must be present during the entire time that food or beverage is prepared, served, and/or sold. We recommend that you have more than one person trained from your group. For organizations serving:

  • Hot food: At least three people and everyone who is preparing or handling food must be trained.
  • Cold food: At least two people and everyone who is handling food must be trained.

Training completed in the last 24 months will be accepted.


Students: If you have never used the UCR Learning Center before, you may need to create an Affiliate account with the UC Learning Center to access the training. If you have trouble accessing the UCR Learning Center, visit UCR Learning Help or email for assistance.

For Vendors

We sincerely respect and appreciate the labor that local food vendors and entrepreneurs provide our community. To support the advancement of local entrepreneurs and small businesses we are providing detailed information for prospective food vendors interested in serving the UCR campus community.

First Step: Vendors begin the process of obtaining pre-approval to be added to the vendor list through UCR’s Procurement Department.

Information Packet

This packet provides detailed information on how non-UCR vendors can get approved to operate on campus along with checklists and forms.

Information Packet 

Approved Food Sources

All food/drink sold or distributed on campus must be pre-approved by the Procurement Department. We recommend that vendors wishing to operate on campus in the before reach out to Procurement to begin the process of being added to the approved vendors list.
For more information, contact Matthew Burke at 951827-3095 or


For assistance, please contact Environmental Health & Safety at (951) 827-5528.