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Spotlight on Safety

January 2020 | Environmental Programs: UCR CleanWater


Only rain here Stormwater drain marker

Did You Know? The Santa Ana River is R’River, and it is only about 4 miles away from the UCR campus.

The Santa Ana River is where rain water flows after it runs off and drains from campus. With the coming winter rain storms, it's important to know how you can protect R'River from pollutants of concern.

UCR's main pollutants of concern are Pet Waste and Trash.  The easiest way to protect our water source is to pick up trash and pet waste.

All the storm drains on campus are marked with this marker: "Only Rain Here - Drains to R'River."  You can help keep our water safe by keeping these drains free from trash and debris. 

For more information on how you can help, please visit the UCR CleanWater website.




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