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In response to UCR’s campus closure, the EH&S office is closed.  Critical functions related to emergency response coordination, hazardous waste collection and delivery of research materials under the purview of EH&S including radiation packages and controlled substances are operational, however may experience delay.

If you have safety emergency such as a hazardous material spill, injury or illness, contact UCPD at (951) 827-5222 or 911 on a cellular device.

You can still report an incident, injury, or safety concern using the online reporting tool. For general inquiries, please email us at and our remote staff will respond to your concerns by the next business day.

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March 2020 | Fall Protection

Though they might seem harmless, slips, trips and falls are some of the most common hazards we face in the workplace and they can have serious consequences. Always following safety procedures is crucial to avoiding injury, but so is speaking up to keep your coworkers safe.

Key hazards may include:
> Distracted walking (texting, emailing)
> Walking up or down stairs with arms full of coffee, cell phone, work tools or bags
> Messy works space (scattered papers, items on the floor, blocked exits

When you see a risk with a simple fix, don’t hesitate to fix it safely. This applies whether you are at work, back home or out in your community. Sometimes that fix means cleaning up a mess you didn’t create or having a quick, awkward conversation, but the end result is worth it. Embrace this concept and you can help us all keep each other safe.

If you or a co-worker experiences a slip, trip or fall at work, please report it using EFR:

Learn about other Safety Program on Campus to help keep you safe and avoid falls from heights:

Fall Protection

Ladder Safety