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Learn more about important Health and Safety programs and policies. 

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Electrical Service Extension Safety UCR | 01/15/1994
Environmental Health & Safety  UCR | 02/02/2021
Laboratory Safety Training UCOP | 10/31/2013 
Management of Health, Safety and the Environment  UCOP | 10/28/2005
Minors in Labs and Shops UCOP | 10/31/2013
Personal Protective Equipment UCOP | 03/31/2014
Pesticides and Safety UCR | 01/15/1994
Procurement, Use, and Disposal of Controlled Substances Listed Chemicals, and Chemical Precursors UCR | 2010
Seismic Hazard Reduction UCR | 01/15/1994
Special Events and Concerts - Health and Safety Standards, Procedures and Requirements UCR | 01/15/1994
Unmanned Aircraft System (Drone) Policy UCOP | 02/09/2018

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Plans, Programs & Manuals

Biosafety Manual 2020
Bloodborne Pathogens & ATD Exposure Control Plan 2020
Chemical Hygiene Plan 2022
Chemical Inventory Program 2020
Compressed Gas Safety 2021
Hydrofluoric Acid Program 2023
Pyrophoric Material Program 2020
Controlled Substances
Controlled Substances Use Authorization 2019
Environmental Management
Integrated Pest Management Plan 2006
Sewer System Management Plan 2019
Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) 2015
Hazardous Waste
Waste Disposal Requirements 2019
Industrial Hygiene
Asbestos Management Plan 2020
Crystalline Silica Written Program 2019
Fume Hood Program 2020
Lead Compliance Plan 2021
Respiratory Protection Program 2020
Water Intrusion & Mold Remediation Program 2021
Laboratory & Research
Laboratory Safety Manual 2019
Laboratory/Equipment Relocation and Clearance Program Document 2021
Physical Hazards Guide 2012
UC EH&S Laboratory Safety Design Manual UCOP
UCR Visitor and Minors in Labs and Shops 2020
General Safety
Aerial Lift Platform Written Program 2019
Compressed Gas Safety Written Program  
Fall Protection Written Program 2023
HAZCOM Written Program 2022
Heat Illness 2023
Hot Work Written Program 2019
Injury Illness Prevention Plan 2021
Ladder Safety Written Program 2017
Lockout Tagout Written Program 2015
Performing Arts Safety Manual UCOP
Powered Industrial Truck (Forklift) Safety Program 2020
Shop Safety Program & Manual UCOP
Unmanned Aircraft Safety (Drones) UCOP
Public Health
Food Safety Program 2023
Food Vendor Informational Packet (English/Spanish) 2023
Radiation & Laser Safety
Laser Safety Manual 2018
Radiation Producing Machines Manual 2010
Radiation Safety Manual 2014