UCR Clean Water

UCR Clean Water

 Did You Know? The Santa Ana River is R’River, and it is only about 4 miles away from the UCR campus.
The Santa Ana River is where rain water flows after it runs off and drains from campus.

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Pet Waste

Abandoned pet waste is a community concern. Pet waste can carry dangerous diseases into local creeks, rivers, lakes, 
and the ocean.

  • Always carry a plastic bag to pick up pet waste when walking your dog.
  • Properly dispose pet waste in a 
    toilet or trash receptacle every time.
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The presence of trash in surface waters, especially coastal and marine waters, is a serious issue in California.

  • The main way trash on land ends up in waterways is by rainstorms that wash it into storm drains.
  • Trash is items such as cigarette butts, paper, fast food containers, plastic grocery bags, and cans and bottles.
  • Trash is a threat to aquatic habitat and aquatic life as soon as it enters surface waters and ocean waters.Ingestion and entanglement can be fatal for freshwater, estuarine, and marine life.
  • Similarly, habitat alteration and degradation due to trash in surface waters can make natural habitats unsuitable for spawning, migration, and preservation of aquatic life.
Remember the Three "C's"


Always place pet waste and trash in a proper receptacle


Report any stormwater issues on campus such as pollutants or illicit discharges to Environmental Health & Safety at (951) 827-5528, or to UCRCleanWater at: 


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There are many ways to get involved in community events and protection efforts!

Zero Butts and Litter Campaign in collaboration with UCR Healthy Campus

Take the #MyLastTrash pledge and help UC be Zero Waste by 2020!

Join a Riverside County Watershed Protection event