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What is an SOP?
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are written instructions that detail the steps that will be performed during a given experimental procedure; and include information about hazards and how these hazards will be mitigated.

When do I need to have an SOP?
SOPs must be developed, reviewed, approved, and signed before using chemicals. At minimum, an SOP must be developed for any substance from the Chemical Classification List. (Excel version)

How often do I need to write an SOP?
SOPs should be updated as processes / procedures change. They should be current, and reflect laboratory practices.

How do I access completed SOPs?
You can download completed SOPs from the EH&S Sharepoint site. This site contains examples of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and SOP templates developed by various individual researchers for their labs. The information and exemplars provided here are intended to assist Principal Investigators (PI) and laboratory personnel in developing SOPs appropriate for their own laboratories. While many procedures and precautionary measures will be applicable to multiple laboratory environments, every PI should carefully review any information contained in these exemplars before adopting it for use in SOPs for their own labs

Who needs to sign the SOP?
The Supervisor / Principal Investigator (PI) and all Laboratory Personnel must sign the SOP before beginning work with any chemicals, and whenever hazards change.

Working with Pyrophorics?

  1. (UCLA) Procedure for the Safe Use of Pyrophoric Liquid Reagents
  2. (UCLA) Procedure for the Safe Use of Pyrophoric Solids
  3. UC Regents Agreement Standard Operating Procedure Requirements (pdf)
  4. (UCLA) Other related SOPs
  5. Procedures for Safe Use of Pyrophoric Organolithium Reagents
  6. Procedures for Safe Use of Pyrophoric Solids
  7. Procedures for Safely Quenching Reactive Metal Still Bottoms
  8. Working with Pyrophoric Reagents video


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