The flooring and ceilings were removed from the south wing second floor and remainder of the first floor of Pierce Hall 9/27-9/29/2019. The flooring was 9"x9" non-friable asbestos-containing tile. The ceiling materials removed did not contain asbestos. All work was done under containment to prevent infiltration of dust to adjacent areas. HEPA vacuums and air cleaners were employed to control silica dust as well. Ambient Environmental provided oversight and sampling to ensure the air was clear of asbestos fibers. EH&S also had Omega Environmental representatives onsite to provide additional review and post-work inspection. Additional perimeter sampling was conducted during the entire abatement period to verify containment was effective and no impact to the Block Party event would occur. The building has been cleared for occupancy by EH&S today.

Ambient Clearance for Pierce Hall 9/29/2019