Face coverings are highly recommended for those up to date on vaccinations and required for those not up to date on vaccinations
in indoor spaces on campus and in university owned or operated venues.  

Staff/Faculty may request a face covering from EH&S. Students may request a face covering from The Well.

Shake Out, Don’t Freak Out!  The annual ShakeOut event is on 10/20 at 10:20am. At this time, UCR will be testing all of its Emergency Communications in a coordinated drill. This means you will receive at least one (if not many) emergency communications about the drill, including; Emergency Notification System texts, emails, voicemails. You may also hear sirens and vocal commands at the BellTower using the Altertus system. 

In September, you were asked to verify the phone number on file for the Emergency Notification System (ENS). If you have not done so yet, please visit https://emergency.ucr.edu/ENS for additional details on how to complete this. The ENS is used to notify the campus about an emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health and safety of the university community. The ENS comprises several approaches to quickly and reliably distribute communications or instructions in an emergency. 

For additional information, please visit https://emergency.ucr.edu/ 

Get ready to shake out