Food Safety

To protect and improve the health of campus community by assuring foods are safe our campus food establishments, temporary food events, and though education of foodborne illnesses.

For questions or comments, please contact Public Health or call (951) 827-5528.


Permanent food facilities on campus are inspected by EH&S on a regular basis to ensure safe food handling and cleanliness that meet the highest standards. The permanent food facilities are scored based on compliance with the California Retail Food Code (CalCode). Letter grades are issued in the following scale of 100-90 (A), 89-80 (B), 79-below (C).  A copy of the inspection report is maintained by the food establishments -- Dining Services or the private restaurant manager. EH&S maintains an electronic database of all food safety inspection reports. 

All UCR students, faculty, staff, and affiliates must obtain a Temporary Food Permit whenever food or beverage is distributed or sold to the public on campus. We regulate the food or beverage given out or sold at community events on campus to protect health, prevent disease, and promote healthy practices among the public. Please note: Apply for a Food Permit at least 7 Business Days in advance.

You must take the Food Safety online course in the UCR Learning Center. 

Please note: if you are a student and have never used the UCR Learning Center before, you may need to create an Affiliate account to access the training. If you have trouble accessing the UCR Learning Center, please visit or email for assistance. 

Food safety standards apply to all facilities including temporary food facilities. A temporary food facility usually consists of a fully enclosed tent or booth and is constructed for the duration of the event. Temporary food events can range in the length of time they are operational. Every temporary food facility at a temporary or occasional event that will be serving food to the public or anyone to the campus community must have a valid UCR-Temporary Food Permit for that event. A food permit request must be submitted at least seven (7) business days prior to the event.  Food Safety Training must be completed online prior to submitting a food permit request. A trained food handler must be present at all times during the food event.

Outside food establishments who plan to prepare and handle food for service on campus to our community and the public must present a hard copy of the following documents prior to serving food at any event:

1. Current Environmental Health permit from the county where they do business
2. Employee's Food Safety training certificates for all food handlers who will be involved in the food process

Please be advised that EH&S will review and inspect your facility prior to the start of the event.

For more information please contact Purchasing (951) 827-3095 or the Registered Environmental Health Specialist (951) 827-4244 or (951) 827-2648.

Foodborne illness is any illness that is caused by the consumption of contaminated food that contain pathogenic bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Chemical and natural toxins can also be causes of foodborne illness.

If you suspect a possible outbreak of a foodborne illness, complete the Investigation Protocol for Possible Foodborne Illness at UCR Questionnaire and contact Environmental Health Specialist at (951) 827-4244.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides information on frequently caused diseases in the United States (see below).

How to Obtain A Food Permit at UCR