Pool & Spa

Swimming pools are to be maintained in safe conditions by proper maintenance methods, proper filtration systems, adequate disinfectant residual levels, good repair of the deck, shell and fixtures, and adequate lighting.

For questions or comments, please contact Public Health or call (951) 827-5528.

  • pH shall be maintained between 7.2 and 8.0 (Recommended level: 7.4-7.6).
  • Free chlorine residual (no stabilizer) must be at least 1.0ppm at all times.
  • Filtration system must be in operation at all times when a pool or spa is available for use.
  • Animals shall not be permitted in pool or pool area.
  • Suction drain covers must be secured. Pools shall not be used if drain covers are missing or broken.
  • Pool water shall remain in clean and clear conditions where the drain covers can be easily seen from the pool deck.
  • Pool interior surfaces are to be free of slime and algae.
  1. No Lifeguard on Duty
  2. Artificial Respiration and CPR Sign
  3. Emergency Sign
  4. Pool Capacity Sign
  5. No Diving Sign
  6. Spa Caution Sign
  7. Spa Emergency Shut-Off Switch
  8. Keep Closed
  9. Diarrhea Notice Sign
  10. Life Ring with at least 17 inches in diameter with attached rope to equal at least the width of the pool
  11. Body hook with attached pole of at least 12 feet in length
Diarrhea Notice Sign
Life Ring
Pool and Spa Body Hook
Pool and Spa Safety Sign