Just in Time Safety Training & Messages!

Take 5 minutes for a safety topic! You can choose to do these each week, each shift change or as needed to help keep you and your team safe! Below are two types of resources for "just in time" or "on the job" training resources. 

Weekly Safety Topics

Designed for In Person messaging: get together with your team, shift or large group to review processes, topics and regulations.

Spotlight on Safety

One page safety topics for review and reference on a variety of topics from our EH&S Subject Matter Experts!

Spotlight On Safety

UC Riverside EH&S has created a series of safety aides called Spotlight on Safety. Please feel free to use these in your team meetings, as a weekly safety topic, when reviewing site specific safety items or anytime you want!

Don't see the topic you're looking for? Let us know! Were always looking for ways to support our Campus Community!

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