Training Video Resources 

View UCR's collection of training videos. There are also additional videos available at the UC Risk & Safety Training website.

  • Active Shooter
    UC Crisis Response: Active Shooter Video

    Length: 8 min   Copyright: 2018

    Overview of how to respond to an active shooter. Topics include: What is an active shooter?, R.A.I.N. technique, and What to expect during an incident.

  • Back Safety
    Back Your Back – Neck & Muscle Injury Prevention

    Length: 19 min   Copyright 1992

    Explains the potential causes of back injuries, and discusses ways to prevent back pain. Covers establishing load capabilities and proper positioning.


    Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

    Safe Lifting (Low Lift, Transfer)

    Length: 2 min   Copyright 2018

    UC Back Safety (Smart Body Management) video: Safe Lifting (Low Lift & Transfer)

    Safe Lifting: Golfer’s Lift

    Length: 1 min   Copyright 2018

    UC Back Safety (Smart Body Management) video: Safe Lifting (Golfer's Lift)

    Safe Pushing & Pulling

    Length: 2 min   Copyright 2018

    UC Back Safety (Smart Body Management) video: Safe Pushing & Pulling

    Safe Pushing & Pulling (Vacuuming)

    Length: 2 min   Copyright 2018

    UC Back Safety (Smart Body Management) video: Safe Pushing & Pulling (Vacuuming)

    Safe Sitting

    Length: 1 min   Copyright 2018

    Back Safety (Smart Body Management): Safe Sitting 12/10/18

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
    Cleaning Up a Blood Spill

    Length: 3 min   Copyright: 2019


    Yale University

    Safe Use of a Biological Safety Cabinet

    Length: 10 min   Copyright: 2019


    Yale University

    Revenge of the Bacterium (Lab Wars: Episode III)

    Length: 12 min   Copyright: 2018


    Mississippi State University's Office of Regulatory Compliance

    Workplace Precautions Against Bloodborne Pathogens

    Length: 24 min   Copyright 1992

    Workplace precautions against bloodborne pathogens: as it should be done


    OSHA Office of Information &Consumer Affairs

  • Campus Safety
    UCR Campus Safety video (2013)

    Length: 5 min   Copyright: 2013

    Overview of personal safety and protecting your property at the University of California Riverside.

  • Carcinogens Spill
    Carcinogens Spill

    Length: 1 min   Copyright 2019



  • Coughing
    Why Don't We Do It in Our Sleeves?

    Length: 5 min   Copyright 2005

    Credits: Coughsafevideos

  • Driver Safety
    Drivers Alert - Over-the-Counter Prescription Medications

    Length: 13 min   Copyright 1998

    An educational video produced by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission warning of the dangers of over-the-counter prescription medications and impaired driving.

    Drowsy Driving - Shattered Lives

    Length: 13 min   Copyright 1998

    Educational video produced by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission warning drivers of the dangerous and deadly results of drowsy driving.

    Road Rage - Combating Aggressive Driving in Washington

    Length: 11 min   Copyright 2000

    Law enforcement officer across Washington state are using innovative approaches to combat increasing acts of road rage and aggressive driving.

    Safe Driving Habits : A State of Mind (Part 1) (Part 2)

    Length 16 min total   Copyright 2005

  • Earthquakes
    Preparing Your Office For An Earthquake

    Length: 7 min   Copyright 2001

    Preparing your office for an earthquake


    Washington Military Dept Emergency Management Division

  • Electrical
    A Shocking Revelation

    Length: 1 min   Year published: 2010


    Powerhouse Animation Studios

    Arc Flash Awareness

    Length: 25 min   Copyright 2007

    This video addresses a problem of an estimated 5 to 10 arc flash accidents occurring in electrical equipment every day in the United States, in 2007


    The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)



  • EH&S Professional Workshop
    EH&S Professional Workshop

    Length: 2 min   Copyright: 2018

    University of California EH&S Professional Education workshop.

  • Emergency
    Housing Residence Life Training

    Length: 3 min   Year uploaded: 2015

    Why do we need NIMS?

    Length: 3 min   Year uploaded: 2013

    Video training describing response protocols for hazardous materials, terrorist and other major incidents.


    National Incident Management System

    Incident Command and Management

    Length: 2 min   Year uploaded: 2013

    Reviews the different levels of incidents and describes the likely impact on public health, safety and the environment.


    Emergency Film Group


  • Ergonomics
    Ergonomics for Dining: Food Preparation

    Length: 1:50  Copyright 2019

    Overview of ergonomics for Dining Staff. Special thanks to: Moses Preciado & Gustavo Plascencia (Dining Services, University of California Riverside) and Dr. Clyde Blackwelder, Ergonomics (University of California Riverside).
    Credits: UC Risk & Safety Training


    Ergonomics for Dining: Material Handling

    Length: 1:24  Copyright 2019

    Overview of safe work practices around Ergonomics for Dining Staff. Topics include: Food Preparation, Transportation, and Material Handling.
    Credits: UC Risk & Safety Training


    Ergonomics for Dining: Transportation

    Length: 1:24  Copyright 2019

    Overview of ergonomics for Dining Staff.
    Credits:  UC Risk and Safety Training

    Ergonomics Awareness

    Length: 14 min   Copyright: 2005

    Describes musculoskeletal disorders and the importance of early reporting of symptoms. Explains work-related causes of musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs), including awkward postures, high hand force, repetitive motions, repeated impacts, lifting, and vibration from tool use. Identifies hazards and common measures to reduce them.
    Credits: Washington State Dept. of Labor and Industries


    Pipette Safety & Ergonomics Video

    Length: 10 min   Copyright: 2009

    Prevent repetitive injury while pipetting in the laboratory
    Credits:  UCLA

  • Fall Protection
    Fall Protection: Take Pride in Your Job

    Length: 10 min   Copyright 2008

    This video encourages oil and gas extraction workers to use fall protection and never be "un-clipped" and thus vulnerable when at height. The video features oil and gas extraction workers talking about their use of fall protection and sharing their personal stories about why fall protection should always be worn when working at height. The purpose of the video is to raise awareness of fall injuries in this industry and to provide information about the use, proper fit, and inspection of fall protection. This video is designed to be used in pre-shift or weekly safety meetings.


    National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

  • Fire Safety
    UCR Fire Extinguishers (2010)

    Length: 4 min   Copyright 2010

    Fires are one of the most common emergencies both at home, and in the workplace. At the University of California Riverside there is a fire alarm almost every day, mostly due to burnt food. Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher can save your life one day. Topics include: classes of fire, visual inspection, escape route, open-palm / right hand, and the PASS technique.

    Fired Up for Fire Safety

    Length: 2 min   Copyright 2008

    Topics of the videos include home fire safety checklist, home fire escape planning, and proper use of smoke alarms and residential fire sprinklers.


    National Fire Protection Association

    Heat : A Dangerous Combination

    Length: 20 min   Copyright 2008

    Covers the hazards of working outdoors in hot weather and what steps employees can take to protect themselves and co-workers.


    Washington State Dept. of Labor and Industries

    Know What to Do if There is a Fire

    Length: 2 min   Year uploaded: 2012

    Short, educational messages developed based on research findings for safe home cooking to avoid fires and other burns.


    Federal Emergency Management Agency

    Prevent Scalds and Burns

    Length: 2 min   Year uploaded: 2008

    Cooking fires are the leading cause of home structure files and associated civilian injuries. This series of public service announcements reinforce cooking safety messages in your community.


    National Fire Protection Association

    Watch What You Heat

    Length: 2 min   Year uploaded: 2003


    National Fire Protection Association

  • Food Safety
    Basic Food Safety - Review

    Length: 5 min   Copyright 2007


    Central District Health Department - CDHD

  • Fume Hoods
    Basic Fume Hood Air Flow and Operation

    Length: 3 min   Year uploaded: 2009

    A basic look at the airflow and operation of a Labconco fume hood, including proper work procedures and detailed information on the movement of air in and around the hood.


    Labconco Corporation

    Proper Use of a Fume Hood

    Length: 4 min   Copyright 2008

    How to use your laboratory fume hood properly


    EHS UC Berkeley

    Fume Hood Safety

    Length: 4 min   Copyright 2019


    UC San Francisco

  • General Safety
    Aggregate Training for the Safety Impaired

    Length: 35 min   Copyright 2007


    National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

  • Glove Removal
    How To Properly Remove Your Gloves

    Length: 2:13  Copyright: September 14, 2019

    This short tutorial is an excerpt taken from the Biosafety Session presented at the UC Riverside Graduate Student Safety Orientation Symposium on September 24, 2019.


    UC Riverside Environmental Health & Safety

  • Handwashing

    Length: 2 min   Copyright: 2014
    Wash your hands to prevent the spread of contamination, infection, and illness

    Credits:UCR Environmental Health & Safety


    Soap in the City

    Length: 5 min   Copyright 2007

    Credits: Coughsafevideos


    Put Your Hands Together

    Length: 4 min   Copyright 2008

    The following video outlines why hand hygiene is so important and demonstrates correct hand washing procedure.

    Credits: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Hazardous Waste
    UCR EH&S Chemical Hazard Identification: TRIC

    Length: 3 min   Copyright 2019

    Chemical Hazard Identification: TRIC. This video is a tutorial on how to remember the chemical hazard classifications using the acronym TRIC.


  • Laboratory
    A Day in the Lab (A PI's Perspective)

    Length: 9 min   Year uploaded: 2010


    UC San Diego

    After the Rainbow

    Length: 5 min   Year uploaded: 2013

    Video safety message focusing on preventing accidents in high school chemistry labs.


    U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board

    Chemical Spill Response and Clean-Up

    Length: 3 min   Year uploaded: 2012

    Overview of how University workers can respond to a hazardous chemical spill. Topics include: Personal protective equipment (PPE), Reference (Chemical Hygiene Plan and/or MSDS), Spill Kits, Decontamination, Disposal, and Documentation on a Hazardous Waste Label.

    Experimenting with Danger

    Length: 24 min   Year uploaded: 2008

    CSB video on laboratory safety


    U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board

    Flash Chromatography 101

    Length: 7 min   Copyright 2011


    UC San Diego

    Lone Worker Program

    Length: 6 min   Copyright 2014

    Overview of the Lone Worker program at the University of California Riverside. Environmental Health & Safety engaged in the use of safety monitoring devices alleviate the risks of working alone. working alone is not the best situation, but sometimes it's necessary. At all times, this should be done safely. EH&S has demonstrated that laboratory research can be supported using safety monitoring technology, and cooperation in supporting lone workers so that they could access to the emergency assistance they may need.

    Splash Zone

    Length: 2 min   Copyright 2012


    UC San Diego

    The Periodic Table of Videos

    Copyright 2011


    The University of Nottingham

    To Be (Safe) or Not to Be

    Length: 9 min   Copyright 2011


    UC San Diego

  • Personal Protective Equiptment
    Outfit for Safety

    Length: 5:24  Copyright: August 15, 2013


    UCOP Risk Services

  • Radiation

    X-Ray Training Video (2015)

  • Wildfire Smoke Protection
    How to Wear a 3M N95 Respirator

    Length: 1:18    Copyright: 2019



    N-95 Respirator Use 

    Length: 2:30 min   Year uploaded: 2019


    UC Santa Cruz

  • Employer's First Report (EFR)
    Employer's First Report


    Training for Supervisors

    Length: 6 min  Copyright: Risk & Safety Solutions