Face coverings are highly recommended for those up to date on vaccinations and required for those not up to date on vaccinations
in indoor spaces on campus and in university owned or operated venues.  

Staff/Faculty may request a face covering from EH&S. Students may request a face covering from The Well.

Events & Gatherings

Specific recommendations to employ through October 1, 2021:

No outdoor events larger than 500 participants. 

Outdoor events with fewer than 500 participants allowed with the following requirements:

a.    Face Coverings Required (can be removed for eating/drinking, which should be limited )

b.    Ensure that a physical distance of at least 6 feet can be maintained

c.    Do not use tents or walled structures that limit air flow

d.    Attendees must be able to show confirmation that they have been cleared to be on campus

Indoor events limited to 285 with the following requirements:

a.   Face Coverings Required

b.    Eating/drinking allowed only for events with <100 attendees

c.    Attendees must be able to show confirmation that they have been cleared to be on campus

In accordance with the Chancellor's communication on June 23, 2021,  forms and exceptional approvals are no longer required for on-campus or UCR-sponsored events and gatherings. This means plans can now be made for in-person events. 

Safety Checklist

It is the responsibility of the UCR department sponsoring and/or hosting the event to comply with all UC Riverside, UC Office of the President, California Department of Public Health, Riverside County, and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines where applicable.


University-Sponsored Event: Any event that is held either on campus or at an off-site venue that is sponsored, co-sponsored, and/or funded by the university. 

COVID-19 preparedness is an evolving situation and, should the situation change, UCR will issue additional guidance regarding events/gatherings. Please let your participants know that you might need to cancel at the last minute and that they should consider making contingency plans. Individual departments and campus units may cancel specific events/gatherings at their discretion for business reasons or if they anticipate significant cancellations. 

Process for Reservations

For space reservations, follow the same reservation process used prior to the pandemic.

Gathering Parameters and Occupancy Limits

There will be no occupancy limits beyond those required by fire code. 

Recommendations for all Events/Gathering Regardless of Attendee Count
  • All event planners should consider the use of online technology for small meetings and events if it is feasible (e.g., teleconferencing, Zoom, Teams, etc.). When not feasible, event planners are responsible for the following preventative measures:
    • Notify participants that events can be canceled at any time, depending on how the pandemic evolves.
    • Design events to ensure easy access to restroom facilities with sinks and/or alcohol-based sanitizer for proper hand hygiene for all attendees.
    • Adhere to campus face covering guidance. Provide face coverings for individuals who do not bring their own.
  • For a gathering of any size, remind attendees that if they have any COVID-19 symptoms, including any respiratory symptoms or are feeling unwell in any way, they should not attend the meeting or event. If attendee begins to feel unwell while attending the event/gathering, Event Planners must ask the individual to leave the premises. If attendees test positive after attending the event, attendees should notify the COVID-19 Wellness Hotline at (844) 827-6827. 
  • When food and drinks must be provided, its is recommended to use individually wrapped items like bag lunches, individual water bottles, etc. It is not recommended to serve food where multiple hands will touch the food or serving utensils (e.g., buffet style, fruit platters, etc.). If buffet style dining is offered, food and drink should be served to guests. For more information on catering options, refer to Dining Services.
  • Departments consisting of staff working on-campus that are gathering for critical/fundamental business purposes and/or trainings must have the following: 
    • Department has an approved worksite specific plan (WSSP) on file with EH&S.
    •  All employees participating in the gathering have completed UCR-required COVID-19 Prevention training and the daily wellness survey.
    •  All campus-wide COVID-19 guidance is adhered to for the duration of the gathering
  • Event planners are fully responsible for additional costs associated with Facilities Services, venue management and any other fees required for COVID-19 event safety such as, but not limited to, extended cleaning services, testing, security, staffing, etc. 
  • All events must follow existing campus policies