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Physical distancing is no longer required
Staff/Faculty may request a face covering from EH&S. Students may request a face covering from The Well.


Graduate Student Safety Orientation

Check back often, more information on the 2021 event will be added!

Join us for an interactive and hands-on safety training experience on a variety of topics designed to get you ready for working at UCR, presented by UCR Environmental Health & Safety.

Event Overview:

Dates & Times:

Date Time Department 
or Program
Training Track Registration Code
9/15/21 8:00am - 12:00pm Chemistry Research


9/16/21 12:30pm - 4:30pm BCMB Research RI-ESILT0296-20210916
9/17/21 8:00am - 12:00pm


Research RI-ESILT0296-20210917
9/20/21 8:00am -12:00pm


Research RI-ESILT0296-20210920
9/21/21 8:00am - 12:00pm ME
Research RI-ESILT0296-20210921 8am
9/21/21 1:00pm - 4:00pm CSE (CEN) Computational RI-ESILT0297-20210921 1pm
9/22/21 9:00am - 12:00pm ECE Computational RI-ESILT0297-20210922 9am
9/22/21 1:00pm - 4:00pm CSE Computational RI-ESILT0297-20210922 1pm

Environmental Health & Safety

** Registration Opens September 3rd**
Click on the links provided in the table above or Search for "Graduate Student Safety Orientation" in the UCR Learning Center
*Be sure to select the correct program name/date and course code as listed above.

If your department provided your NetID to EH&S ahead of time, you may already be registered. Check the "My Registrations" box to confirm. 

To do before the event:

1) Know your NetID 
2) Take online Safety Training (see tab below for specifics)
3) Adhere to UC Vaccination policy

International Students: Please view the 'What to Expect for International Students" on the Campus Return website.

What to expect day of the event:

1) Submit Daily Wellness Check (http://wellnesscheck.ucr.edu/) every day you are on campus, be prepared to show at the check in table at the event.

2) Event Attire: Wear full length pants (or equivalent) and closed toe/heel shoe attire. You will be entering laboratory and hazardous materials locations.

Before this event, be sure to:

1) Obtain your UCR NetID and Password

This is issued from your department in the onboarding process and connects you to all the systems at UCR you will need access to.

2) Take minimum required training

Log into the UCR Learning Center with your NetID and password to access online training modules. At a minimum you should complete:

Computational Programs:

Laboratory Programs:

Please see Graduate Students Guide to Training & the UCR Learning Center for more information on access and troubleshooting. 

3) Complete the Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT) if you are in a Research Laboratory Program.
  1. Log into https://app.riskandsafety.com/with your UCR email. Once this occurs, your PI/Lab Supervisor or EH&S can invite you to their group.
  2. Confirm the invitation and complete the assessment.
  3. If PPE is required, complete the steps outlined in the program and bring your PPE voucher to the event  to obtain your PPE from EH&S.  

View the LHAT guide for GSSO participants

4) Register for the Graduate Student Safety Orientation
  • You may register for the event in the UCR Learning Center starting September 3, 2021.
  • Search for "Graduate Student Safety Orientation" and your department name (or use the table listed above). If your department provided your NetID, you may already be registered, please check "My Registration" box once logged in. 
  • Please only attend the session designated for your department, if you have questions on which training session date you should attend, please contact ehstraining@ucr.edu
  • Registration will open September 3rd. 
Logging In to the UCR Learning Center:

The UCR Learning Center is the campus portal for online training. They have an extensive Support Site to answer many questions on access, duplicate profiles, browsers compatibility and more. If you are having trouble with the UC Learning Center, please start with this page to answer your questions. 

You must have a UCR NetID to log into the system. If you do not have a UCR NetID, please see the Support Page about Access.  

Campus affiliates and UCR students who are not a current or former UCR employee, volunteer, or contingent worker, should use the UC Affiliate Access Tool to push a profile into the system before logging into the UC Learning Center for the first time. See the Access & Roles page on the UCR Learning Center website for more details. 

Initial (minimum) Training:

For Research personnel in a traditional or "wet' laboratory

UC Policy requires that all staff, faculty, students and volunteers working in a laboratory or technical area complete Laboratory Safety Fundamentals, which is a certification that includes many topics, and your training record will show these topics. Your Laboratory Safety Fundamentals certification will expire after 3 years, and then a refresher training becomes available. You may not receive an email reminding you of the expiration date, so please check your training records on an annual basis to ensure you are compliant. 

* Please note, you will be able to access Laboratory Safety Fundamentals one day after you activate your profile using the affiliate access tool. 

For personnel in a computational or "certified hazard free" laboratory.

Safety Orientation

This is a mandatory safety training course assigned to the entire campus community. This course will show on your "required training" section of the UCR Learning Center and need to be taken every three years. However, if you complete Laboratory Safety Fundamentals, it will satisfy this training requirement and you will not need to take this course. 

Getting your PPE

All researchers working in a lab must also be assigned to their PI/Lab Supervisor in the Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT). This certifies the hazards in your lab and assigns the proper PPE for the space you are working in. You will log in using your UCR NetID and password.  Complete the short PPE training in order to receive your PPE Voucher. Once you have the voucher, make an appointment with EH&S for your PPE Fitting. For a step by step guide to this process, please click here

*Helpful tip on LHAT: You need to log into ehs.ucop.edu one time to make your profile searchable by your PI/Lab Supervisor. 

Training Responsibility

Your PI/Lab Supervisor will determine the initial and ongoing training you should take. Once your initial training is determined and assigned, it is important to be aware of any expiration dates. There are several training topics that require annual recertification. Please check your Transcripts in the UCR  Learning Center for the expiration date. It is your responsibility to ensure you are current on your training certifications. Safety starts with you!

A sample of safety training with annual requirements:

Bloodborne Pathogens

Fire Extinguishers

Hazardous Waste Management

The Research Approval and Training Requirement document is also a good resource to know what training you should take. 

Laboratory Equipment


Chemical Safety


Compressed Gas


Fire Extinguishers



Working Remotely Document

Electrical Safety