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Laser Wavelengths

Laser Wavelengths

Electromagnetic Spectrum colors, wavelengths, and sizes

This chart shows colors of the visible light spectrum, and the associated wavelengths in nanometers.

Traditionally, the ranges of each spectrum are ultraviolet light (100-400 nm), visible light (400-750 nm) and infrared (750 nm-1,000 nm).

Major laser wavelengths Chart

This chart shows common types of lasers, and the major wavelengths associated with them.

Lasing Medium Laser Type Wavelength



Solid State

1540 nm


Cr:Forsterite Solid State 1150-1350 nm
HeNe Gas 1152 nm
Argon Gas-Ion 1090 nm
Nd:YAP Solid State 1080 nm
Nd:YAG Solid State 1064 nm
Nd:Glass Solid State 1060 nm
Nd:YLF Solid State 1053 nm
Nd:YLF Solid State 1047 nm
InGaAs Semiconductor 980 nm
Krypton Gas-Ion 799.3 nm
Cr:LiSAF Solid State 780-1060 nm
GaAs/GaAlAs Semiconductor 780-905 nm
Krypton Gas-Ion 752.5 nm
Ti:Sapphire Solid State 700-1000 nm


Ruby Solid State 694 nm
Krypton Gas-Ion 676.4 nm
Krypton Gas-Ion 647.1 nm
InGaAlP Semiconductor 635-660 nm
HeNe Gas 633 nm
Ruby Solid State 628 nm
HeNe Gas 612 nm
HeNe Gas 594 nm
Cu Metal vapor 578 nm
Krypton Gas-Ion 568.2 nm
HeNe Gas 543 nm
DPSS Semiconductor 532 nm
Krypton Gas-Ion 530.9 nm
Argon Gas-Ion 514.5 nm
Cu Metal vapor 511 nm
Argon Gas-Ion 501.7 nm
Argon Gas-Ion 496.5 nm
Argon Gas-Ion 488.0 nm
Argon Gas-Ion 476.5 nm
Argon Gas-Ion 457.9 nm
HeCd Gas-Ion 442 nm
N2+ Gas 428 nm
Krypton Gas-Ion 416 nm


Argon Gas-Ion 364 nm  (UV-A)
XeF Gas (excimer) 351 nm  (UV-A)
N2 Gas 337 nm  (UV-A)
XeCl Gas (excimer) 308 nm  (UV-B)


Krypton SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 284 nm  (UV-B)
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 264 nm  (UV-C)
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 257 nm  (UV-C)
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 250 nm  (UV-C)
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 248 nm  (UV-C)
KrF Gas (excimer) 248 nm  (UV-C)
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 244 nm  (UV-C)
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 238 nm  (UV-C)


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