Respiratory Protection Mandatory Use Requirements:

Here are the components that must be fulfilled annually in order to be respirator qualified. There is a charge of $96.32 fee per person, per year for the respirator qualification program:

  1. Request (Online)
  2. Training (Online in the UCR Learning Center)
  3. Medical Clearance to wear a respirator (Online)
  4.  Fit Testing (In-Person)

Step 1. Request

Whether you are requesting a respirator for the first time or are renewing, please complete the Respiratory Protection Request form online. You and your supervisor will receive a copy of the request via email. There is a charge of $96.32 fee per person, per year for the respirator qualification program and the Supervisor should contact EH&S Industrial Hygiene with an FAU for processing. Any questions regarding this process can be directed to

Step 2. Training

Register for and complete the “Respiratory Protection — Online” training course (course code RI-ESTOP0072) in the UCR Learning Center. 

Steps for a successful training completion:

  1. Go to the URL  
  2. Login using your UCR NetID and password
  3. Enter the word "Respiratory Protection - online" into the Search box (on the left side), and click on "Go"
  4. Click on the "Respiratory Protection - online" title (course code RI-ESTOP0072), and click on the "Register" button
  5. Verify that the box is checked next to eCourse, and click on "Submit"
  6. EH&S can verify the training requirement once you've completed the course

Step 3. Medical Clearance

Once you've completed the Respiratory Protection Request form, EH&S will email you a unique log in code to complete your online Medical Evaluation questionnaire provided through 3M. Please be sure you check the email provided in your Request form for this link. If you have questions about this, please contact

Step 4. Fit Testing

Once you have completed your Training and Medical Evaluation, EH&S will provide you with a link to schedule your fit test so that you can choose an available date and time that works best for you! If you are renewing your annual certification, you may be asked to bring your current respirator with you to the fit test.

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