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Waste Accumulation Storage Tracking electronically (WASTe)

 What is it?

Waste Accumulation Storage Tracking electronically or WASTe is a web based system that facilitates regulatory compliant labeling, tracking, collection and shipping of hazardous chemical, radioactive, and biohazardous wastes. The UC Risk & Safety Solutions application provides an interface between Principal Investigators, lab staff and other generators of regulated wastes and the UCR waste management staff.

This quick and easy-to-use system allows users to create tags for hazardous chemical, radioactive, or biohazardous waste in less than one minute. WASTe supports creation of tags for five types of waste: Chemical, Mixed, Radiological, Biological, and Universal. Lab & Facility staff can share created tag profiles, and administrators can create profiles for a single lab or for all users on campus. The system notifies Environmental Health and Safety staff when waste is ready for pickup. WASTe will enable researches and staff to dispose of hazardous waste in accordance with all state and federal regulations.

Anyone with a UCR NetID will be able to access the system at https://ehs.ucop.edu/waste/#/.

For more information please contact Richard Watson at (951) 827-4248, or Travis Underwood at (951) 827-5518.

 decrative use of DOR placards

Login to WASTe

WASTe User Guide: Responsible Person/Proxy:

WASTe User Guide: Authorized User

To learn how to safely and legally manage your hazardous waste, complete online Hazardous Waste Management Training

Radioactive Waste Pickup Request is now included in WASTe

Login to WASTe to create radioactive waste labels and request pickup. There is no need to complete any other forms. 

Biohazardous and  Medical Waste Pickup Request has been added to WASTe.

Login to WASTe to create biohazardous and sharps container waste labels and to request pickup. 

Waste Determination and Waste Disposal Requirements

We are pleased to offer WASTe online waste pickup request services through our integrated Waste Management program. To use these services it is important that you properly determine the type of waste and review waste disposal requirements.

Biohazardous and Medical Waste Information

For information on proper containers, labeling, and storage of biohazardous and medical waste, including how to request pickup of biohazardous and sharps waste containers, and how to request new and replacement sharps containers, please refer to this Biohazardous and Medical Waste Disposal Requirements poster.