In response to the campus closure, the EH&S office is open with limited services. Critical functions related to hazardous waste, public health, and research safety are operational.
Radioactive material and controlled substances collection and delivery continue, with limited delays. For emergencies call UCPD (951) 827-5222 or dial 911 from a mobile phone.

Face Coverings are required while on campus. Staff/Faculty may request a face covering from EH&S. Students may request a face covering from The Well.


Return to Campus protocols

    Working remotely is the default mode of operation and all are requested to continue to do so until further notice. All returns to the workplace must be pre-approved. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please speak with your supervisor. Additionally, with the understanding that spikes or outbreaks of new COVID-19 infections could occur, all operations will be ready to retreat to conservative phases if safety concerns arise. The guidance below applies to all employees who perform duties on campus or UC leased or affiliated properties, unless the facility has expressly provided different instructions.


    1. AuthorizationProvide authorization for each employee to report onsite. 
    2. Worksite specific plan. Must develop own Worksite Specific Plan . In some cases, the Worksite Specific Plan may be routed to campus oversight committees for review and approval prior to return to campus. 
    3. Positive case? Refer to the COVID-19 Symptom monitoring and reporting procedures and Response to suspected COVID-19 cases: Guide for Department Leads, Supervisors, Chairs".

    For All Returning Employees

    Return to Work Campus Guidance

    Return to Work Guidance 

    The campus has developed general guidance, which all employees should review.

    Prior to your return, your supervisor must share their Worksite Specific Plan with all their employees, and you must review and acknowledge.



    All employees who plan to be on-site are required to view a training video, "COVID-19 prevention training" as required by CDPH/CalOSHA before returning to campus.  Even if you will continue to work remotely, but may need to come to campus occasionally, you must complete this training. This course is accessible in the UC Learning Center




    All employees who work on-site at a UCR property (owner or leased) must complete a survey prior to reporting for work.

    Daily wellness check

    If you have symptoms or concerns about exposure, contact your primary care physician and the Wellness Hotline (844) 827-6827. For more information, refer to the COVID-19 Symptom monitoring and reporting procedures (SOP).


    All faculty and staff will be expected to confirm receipt of the flu vaccination for 2020-21 using the Employee Flu Vaccination Requirement Form.

    Flu Vaccine

    Face covering

    In compliance with the UC order and the California Department of Public Health all individuals on UC property are required to wear face coverings. EH&S is offering face coverings to all campus employees. Submit a request using the button below. Supervisors may request on behalf of their staff using the Face Covering Request form.

    Face Covering Request

    Disinfectant and sanitizers

    Order a disinfectant kit from Facilities services (includes disinfectant, painter’s tape, shop towels, and other items). 

    Disinfectant KiT Request 


      All employees must practice good hygiene by frequently washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or longer. When possible, use soap and water instead of hand sanitizer. Watch this short video on proper handwashing.


      A summary of COVID-19 Building Ventilation, Lab Sanitation, Disinfecting and Cleaning schedule as of July 10, 2020 (view the schedule in the link below). Learn more at Facilities Services Campus Return Support Information view details on cleaning schedule.

      Guidance Document and Schedule


      Learn more about how the campus is approaching ventilation

      HVAC ventilation FAQ's

      Resources and SOPs

      The campus has developed standard signage and postings for building entrances, exits, stairs, elevators and more. Download and post signage through your work areas.

      COVID-19 Campus SignaGE

      The following posters are installed throughout campus:

      1. Keep yourself healthy 
      2. Face covering required
      3. Elevator (1 person maximum)
      4. Wait here (footprints)
      5. Do not use (this area is closed)

      To obtain additional signs complete the COVID-19 signage request.

      Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
      1. General Areas: Office Space
        General Area/Office Space Disinfection SOP
      2. Laboratories
        Laboratory/Research Space Disinfection SOP
      3. Facilities
        Disinfection response plan SOP

      Shared Vehicle

      To reduce the spread of COVID-19, avoid sharing UCR vehicles whenever possible. Employees may share vehicles only if approved in advance and in writing by a supervisor. Review this Shared Vehicle Guidance for details.


      We recognize that visitors, contractors, vendors and other non-UCR personnel may need to come to campus. Non-UCR affiliated individuals coming to campus for essential work must abide by visitor guidelines.

      Non-UCR Affiliate information