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Frequently Asked Questions

***Book an appointment with the campus storehouse to redeem your voucher for PPE.***

Where is the campus storehouse?

The storehouse is located just west of Parking Services (TAPS).  Contact UCR Storehouse Customer Service at (951) 827-5542.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to get PPE?

Yes. The process takes approximately 15 minutes and includes selection of PPE, fitting of PPE, and customizing of PPE.  It is important that you book an appointment so the necessary time is allotted for your visit.

What do I bring to my appointment?

Bring your PIs FAU number, printed voucher and some form of ID.  We need to verify that we are outfitting the right person.

What is an FAU number and where do I get it?

The Financial Accounting Unit (FAU) number is an account number the storehouse uses for billing purposes.  Your assigned faculty researcher can provide this information.

Can I print my voucher at the campus storehouse?

No.  There will not be a computer or printer available for customer use.

I did not attend the campus distribution event, can I still get free PPE?

Only through June 30, 2014. After that the cost of the PPE and laundering is borne by the Lab PI/Department.  Once you have completed the LHAT and printed a voucher, schedule an appointment with the campus storehouse to pick up your PPE. Take your PI's FAU number with you.

Can I pick up PPE for myself and a fellow lab member?

No.  Only the individual named on the voucher can collect his/her own PPE.  The fitting component is requisite for PPE therefore proxies are not acceptable.

How can I replace or get an additional lab coat?

Additional lab coats are available for purchase through the campus storehouse when an FAU number is provided. Contact storehouse staff (x: 2-5542) for assistance. 


The sleeves on my lab coat are too long, is there alteration service available?

Yes.  In situations where the fitting test flowcharts direct wearers to consider tailoring a pre-exisitng lab coat size or custom ordering a lab coat,  self-fitting guidance  will assist in placing an order with Mission Linen Services.

Traditional lab coat self-fitting chart

Flame Resistant lab coat self-fitting chart

What are the usage and limitations of the PPE?

PPE Usage Limitation
Safety Glasses Intended to protect the wearer's eyes when working with materials that may fly towards the researcher's face, impacting the eyes with solid materials that may damage the eyeball. Does not protect against chemical splashes to the face or eye area.
Splash Goggles

Intended to protect the wearer’s eyes against the risk of hazardous chemicals. If there is a risk of an impact by a solid material, safety glasses should be worn under the goggles.
Face Shield

Intended to protect the entire face or portions of it from impact hazards such as flying fragments, objects, large chips, and particles. Use in combination with safety spectacles or goggles: does not protect employees from impact hazards when warn alone.
Traditional Poplin Lab Coat

Is intended to protect the wearer and the wearer's clothes from incidental splashes of hazardous materials found in research labs. Not to be used with bloodborne pathogens in quantities large enough to soak through to the skin or flammable materials greater than 1 L or smaller quantities of flammable materials where there is a risk of ignition.
Barrier Lab Coat

Intended to protect the wearer when there is a risk of splash from bloodborne pathogens or other biohazardous materials. Not to be used with when there is a risk of fire.
Flame Resistant Lab Coat

Intended to protect the wearer when there is a risk of catching personal garments or skin on fire. Resists ignition, prevent the spread of fire over the garment, and quickly self-extinguish following removal of the ignition source. Not designed to be “fire-proof,” nor are they designed to eliminate the risk of burns. FR clothing splashed or contaminated with a flammable substance and ignited will continue to burn on the surface of the garment until the fuel is exhausted. Garment is not fluid resistant and should be immediately removed and replaced (or laundered) if it comes in contact with spilled substances.
Chemical Splash/Flame Resistant Apron

This limited use garment is intended to offer protection from chemical splash and to minimize burn injury during short term exposure to flash fire. A flame resistant lab coat should be worn under the apron. Not suitable for use with some chemicals and hazardous agents (see safespec.dupont.com) Do not use for protection against continuous thermal loads, molten metal splash, hot liquids, or steam. Undergarments made with non-melting fibers such as cotton, silk, wool, or rayon should be worn.



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