What is Radiation Safety? 

The Radiation Safety Program is responsible for ensuring that all users of ionizing radiation and radiation producing machines are in compliance with existing regulatory requirements. All radioactive materials at the University of California, Riverside(UCR)  are licensed by the State of California under a Broadscope License. This license grants authority to the UCR Radiation Safety Committee to authorize the use of radioactive materials at any of its facilities. Radiation producing machines are registered by the California Radiologic Health Branch and must also be authorized by the UCR Radiation Safety Committee. 

Each year a report is written  indicating the UCR's compliance with requirements of the radiation safety program. The Annual Review for 2017 can be accessed here.

For more information, contact Radiation Safety or call (951) 827-5528.

A new version of the web-based application for managing the use of radioactive materials and radiation-producing machines (UC Radiation) will be implemented at UC Riverside September 2018.
UC Radiation is part of the UC Safety Suite and is integrated with WASTe, the hazardous waste system, and LHAT, the laboratory hazard assessment tool. Watch a brief introductory video for more information, or email the Radiation Safety Officer or Radiation Safety Specialist.
Features of UC Radiation that will benefit the campus users include:
  • Authorization of radioactive materials and radiation-producing machines
  • Ability to submit online amendments, which includes adding and removing radiation workers
  • Radiation training status
  • Start-to-finish inventory management, including real-time decay calculations
  • Radioactive waste tracking and disposal
  • Document storage
  • Integration with other Risk and Safety Solutions suite applications for a seamless user experience
User guides: