Environmental Health & Safety


We offer a variety of online services to assist with research, teaching, and public service at the University of California Riverside. We also assist in the areas of Personal Safety, Performance (Business Continuity), Resource Protection (Property, Environment, Special Collections), and Image/Public Relations. Other services include Consultations, Inspections, Investigations, Licenses, Hazard/Risk Analysis, Plan reviews, Emergency Operations Center management, Property Protection, Agency Liaison, and Minimization of Fines/Penalties.

General Safety

Accident Investigations
Air Quality (indoor)

Confined Spaces
Department Safety Coordinators
Ergonomic Evaluations (industrial)
Fall Protection
Fume Hood Certifications
Hazard Report
Hearing Conservation (tests)
Injury & Illness Prevention Plan request
Injury Report
Integrated Safety and
Environmental Management (ISEM)

Mold remediation
Respiratory Protection
Safety Partners
Workplace Exposure assessments

Environmental Programs

Air Emissions Permitting
and Compliance

Chemical Inventory Services
Integrated Pest Management

Refrigerant Tracking Software
Sewer System Management Plan

UCR CleanWater

WASTe Hazardous Waste Tags and Pickup Requests



Compliance Monitoring
Radiation Use Authorization
Radiation Producing Machine
Laser Registration
Dosimetry Badges
Radioactive Materials Delivery


Biological Use Authorization

Biomedical Waste Pick Up

Biosafety Cabinets 

Exposure Control Plan
Hepatitis B Vaccination Request/Declination Form
Medical Waste Management Plan
SOP Guidelines

Emergency Management

Building Emergency Staff (BES)
Building Supervisors (BSEC) 
Disaster Planning
Emergency Assembly Areas (EAA)
Emergency Operations Center
Emergency Communications
Emergency Response Team


Laboratory Safety Audits
Chemical Storage
Field Operational Planning
Fume Hood certifications
Laboratory Safety Officers
Traveler Insurance
Standard Operating Procedures
Travel, Risk, Insurance
Planning Safety System

Business Continuity

Business Continuity Plan
Laboratory Continuity Plan 
UC Ready

UC Resilient

Fire Prevention

Acceptance testing
(water supply & fire sprinklers)
Building Fire inspections
Construction Plan Review
Fire Extinguishers
Special Events Support
     (Fire Safety Inspections)


Needs assessment
Online training
Pesticide Blue Cards
Training Plans
UC Learning Center (LMS)

Environmental Health

Food Permits
Integrated Pest Management
Restaurant Inspections
Pool inspections
Water Quality (tests) 

Hazardous Materials

Chemical Inventory
Controlled Substances

Compressed Gas Program 
HazMat Business Plan
HazMat Release Reports
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Safety Placards (eContact)
Shareable Chemicals
Surplus Chemicals

Waste Management

Biohazardous Waste
Chemical Hazardous Waste
Medical Waste
Online Tag Program
Radioactive Waste

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Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health & Safety
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