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Current Departmental Chemical Hygiene Plans


At UCR each department that conducts activities covered by the Laboratory Standard maintains their own Chemical Hygiene Plan. Listed below are the most current plans we have received, by department. Please contact EH&S if you need an updated copy of the Chemical Hygiene Plan Template.

Departmental Chemical Hygiene Plans and Contacts

Per Cal OSHA 8 CCR 5191, each department Chemical Hygiene Plan underwent update and review January 12, 2018

Academic Department / Center                                                

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Department Chair                    


Laboratory Safety Officer           

Biochemistry CHP Richard Luben Cheryl Gerry Josh Halford
Bioengineering CHP Xiaoping Hu Nancy Ford Hong Xu
Evolution Ecology and Organismal Biology CHP Helen Regan Beverly McNeil Mark Chappell
Biomedical Sciences CHP Monica Carson Shawna Salazar Tara Barthol
Botany and Plant Sciences CHP Patricia Springer April Meinzer Matt Ulrich
Molecular Cell and Systems Biology CHP Manuela Martins-Green Beverly McNeil Scott Currie
Central Facility for Advanced Microscopy and Microanalysis CHP Michael Pazzani Cynthia Parish Krassimir Bozhilov
Chemical and Environmental Engineering CHP David Cocker

Sabrina Schuster

Kathy Cocker
Chemistry CHP Jingsong Zhang Jeff Obrecht Kevin Simpson
Center for Environmental Research and Technology CHP Matthew Barth Cindy Howard Todd Ambriz
Earth Sciences CHP David Oglesby Janice Border Laurie Graham
Electrical and Computer Engineering CHP Amit Roy Chowdhury Bill Bingham Manglai Zhou
Entomology CHP Richard Redak Kathy Carrington Christina Hoddle
Environmental Sciences CHP Laosheng Wu Janice Border David Lyons
Material Science and Engineering CHP Ashok Mulchandani Christina Gnuschke Perry Cheung
Mathematics CHP Yat Sun Poon Melissa Gomez Oleg Kim
Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering CHP Alexander Balandin Nancy Jahr Mark Heiden
Mechanical Engineering CHP Guillermo Aguilar Susana Aparicio Steven Rightnar
Nematology CHP Isgouhi Kaloshian Cheryl Gerry Paul De Ley
Physics and Astronomy CHP Kenneth Barish Mayela Castillo Stephen Exarhos
Microbiology and Plant Pathology CHP Katherine Borkovich Cheryl Gerry Michael Coffey
Psychology CHP Christine Chiarello Ryan Lipinski Edward Zagha
Stem Cell Core CHP Prudence Talbot Beverly McNeil Rachel Behar

The Laboratory Standard

The Cal OSHA Laboratory Standard requires the Chemical Hygiene Plan be reviewed and evaluated for effectiveness at least annually and updated as often as necessary.

Policies and procedures

Campus Policy requires each department with a laboratory that meets the standard to create and maintain their own Chemical Hygiene Plan based upon the model provided by EH&S.  It does allow for individual labs rather than departments to create and maintain their own Chemical Hygiene Plans and assign individual Laboratory Safety Officers (LSO).

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Contact EH&S at (951) 827-5528 or email us.

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